Personality Survey

My personality type is ENTP. It was very close between the last question, and personally I think I am in between ENTP and ENTJ.


Some of the characteristics I was givin that relate to me include being social and energetic, enjoying being the centre of attention, making decisions based on facts rather than feelings, and thinking in the big picture.


Some of the characteristics I was given that don’t relate to me include being open to new information and going with the flow. Both of these characteristics are from the last question which is why I think I relate more to ENTJ.


Of these personality traits, I think my most valuable one is my extraversion. I am quite extroverted and this can be useful in many situations now and in the future. I enjoy being social and I like groups of people, so it is easier for me to meet new people and make new friends which I believe is a great skill to have. I


think it is extremely important to understand your personality type, not only for yourself but for others. If you know your personality type along with others it makes you more understanding of either people and the way they act. For you, it may make it easier to make decisions, find a job that suits your personality or even make friends with people that compliment your personality well.


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