My interests

My interest type is the futurist (IA). My interest types include being investigative, independent, social, and artistic.


My primary interest trait was investigative. I believe I am investigative because I enjoy solving problems and analyzing and investigating information. People with investigative interests are usually more curious and outgoing. Investigative occupations usually involve working with information, concepts, and theories.


My secondary interest is artistic. Being artistic is definitely not how I would describe myself or how others would describe me but somehow it is my secondary interest. Artistic people are usually flexible, like change, and are creative. This one is quite far from me although at times I can be creative.


Some of the other interest traits I was given that apply more to me are social and conventional. I am a very outgoing person and I feel like the word social is a good way to describe me. I agree with most of these traits I was given but I do not find myself artistic.


A few of the jobs I was given that I would like were a neurologist, a pathologist, and a lawyer. These jobs all sound like something I would enjoy doing for various reasons. I think I would like to be a pathologist and a neurologist because they are both jobs in the medical field. I have wanted to work in medicine since I was very little, know I just need to figure out what I want to do specifically.


I think I would enjoy being a neurologist because I think the brain and nervous system are very fascinating. In the past, I have also thought about being a lawyer because some aspects of the law are interesting. Specifically, I would like to be a criminal justice lawyer. This sounds like something I would do because I love watching true crime documentaries and reading about them.


I think that my interest types match these occupations well because they are all jobs that require investigation and artistic thinking. For example, to be a lawyer you must be very investigative to collect all the necessary information for your case, and to be a neurologist, you might have to think outside the box to discover what is wrong with your patient.

According to the compatibility survey, I have an 80% match with being a neurologist and a 78% match with being a pathologist.





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