According to the knowledge test, my main subject area is business. I’m not sure how accurate this is because I don’t know a lot about business but I think it is very interesting.


My top four subject areas combined sound quite like me and it makes sense because they are all the same percent. Business, science, physical education, and creative arts are all at 83% so I think they are all my top subject areas because they are technically the same.


Business courses help you understand the way that businesses are run and become successful. I think this is an interesting thing for me to learn about but I don’t think it is something I would pursue as a career.


Another subject area I was given was creative arts. I think this describes the outside of school/at home side of me because of my passion for dance. Creative arts give us creative techniques, practices, and abilities. I am not a very artistic person while working, but sometimes I come up with creative ways to solve a problem.


Careers under the creative arts category include dancers, drama actors, photographers, and many more. Although some of these careers appeal to others, it isn’t something I would be good at. I love to dance and it is something I plan to do for a long time but I don’t want it to be my career.


Phys Ed is definitely not my favourite or my best subject. I’m not bad at it because I’m athletic but I just don’t like it that much, that’s why I was quite surprised that it was one of my higher subject areas.


The career interests related to Phys Ed include health and wellness, sports, or health sciences. I know I don’t want to be a professional athlete but I think a job in the health sciences area is something I would enjoy and be successful at.


My final top subject area is science. I think this is accurate because I usually enjoy science. Some of the topics we learn such as plants and structures are boring to me but I enjoy learning about the body and cells.


I enjoy talking about scientific topics with my mom about her work in the lab and learning about the stuff she does so I also think I could pursue a career in science. Careers associated with science usually have something to do with biology, chemistry, or physics.


Some of the top occupations I was given were anesthesiologist and obstetrician. I think these are both jobs I would consider having a career in because they sound interesting and challenging.





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