I only had to take this survey once for it to perfectly describe me and my motivations


My main motivation is achievement meaning I am driven by the feeling of accomplishing something. I enjoy the feeling of doing something successfully and working hard. The survey tells me that I thrive on achievements, accomplishments, or anything completed through hard work. I think this accurately describes me because accomplishments make me feel successful and needed.


I should look for opportunities where I get to make use of my skills and abilities and feel accomplished doing something. Achievers, such as myself, are motivated by the opportunity to use their skills, knowledge and abilities.


My second strongest motivation is recognition. I think based on the description this is very accurate because I work towards recognition in everything I do. Recognition is the acknowledgement of an achievement or an accomplishment. As someone who likes to be recognized for my achievements, I should look for opportunities that demonstrate excellence, put me in the spotlight, or allow me to have a high level of responsibility.  Opportunities I would thrive in include: opportunities for promotions and advancements, places I can receive recognition for the work I do, and the opportunity to lead or direct others.

Both of these motivational factors describe me very well and I am glad to know what my motivational factors are so I can put myself in the right situations to thrive.


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