The Problem of Evil

Every day in our lives, we are confronted by evil. In the news, we see all kinds of evil. Mass murders, arson, bombings, crimes of unimaginable degrees are committed on a daily bases. How can this be? If God is an all-loving deity, then how can his creation be evil? Many Christians are confronted with this question when they pursue faith in God. It’s a logical dilemma that leaves people confused. However, there’s a very simple answer to this argument, freedom of choice.

Since God is all-loving, he gave us the gift of choice. In our everyday lives, we can choose to do good. When we receive money, we can choose to donate it, or not. Some people choose to act out with love, others with selfishness. We weren’t born with evil, it’s a choice. When someone is born, they were raised with moral values. Though following these values can sometimes be a detriment to selfish desires. So they can either choose to obey their moral code or act on their desires. This could be to harm someone if they crossed you, steal something you want, etc. The choice to commite evil is yours. However, you can be born with an inclination to be “evil”. Some people are born with sociopathy, which inhibits their empathy towards others.

So people can’t be evil, but nature also commits acts of destruction that may harm us. Nature isn’t effected by freedom of choice, so how can something directly created by God be evil? Well, unconscious nature can’t be evil. A tornado doesn’t have malicious intent when it destroys a town, it just exists to live then disappear. A wild-fire isn’t planning on harming anyone, it just happens. A a matter of fact, Wildfires happen periodically for the benefit of the forest. Well, what about animals? When an animal attacks another animal, it acts on this to survive, it’s not aware of the suffering it inflicts, it’s just doing what it’s supposed to, surviving.

Every day, we are confronted by the evil of others, the evil people choose to do. People choose to benefit themselves with full knowledge of the harms of their actions. This is not because of God, rather it’s because of the people. “Evil is not a thing, an entity, a being,” Kreeft says. God lovingly gave us choice, knowing we could choose to commit evil against him. So choose wisely.

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