How to make Muffins or, Cupcakes?

In cooking class we followed a simple recipe for making cupcakes, or is it muffins? For simplicity, I’m now calling them Muffcakes.

The first step we took to making Muffcakes was wiping our counters. This was to ensure that the countertops were clean and we didn’t end up infecting the Muffcakes with the corona virus.

Then we preheated the oven 350.

After this, we got a mixing bowl and put together our wet ingredients. This would include 1 1/4 cups of water and  1/2 cup of vegetable oil. We mixed these in the mixer. Then we put in the dry ingredients. This would be the contents of the Betty Crocker mix. After this, we put in the 3 eggs.

This left us with a viscous soup of Muffcake goodness.

We then put the mixture into muffin tins. This was done with the expertise of EJ’s amazing coordination.



We then threw in the uncooked Muffcakes, allowing them to transform into what they were destined to be, Muffcakes. True… Muffcakes.

We attempted to film the baking with the timelapse technique officially dubbed the phone-taped-to-oven trick.



We ended up with this video.

An absolute masterpiece.


With the Muffcakes finished we were ready to partake of the fruits of our labor. We then learned we don’t get to eat them.

Pain stricken, I forgot to take a picture of the final product.

Thus ends the emotional rollercoaster of baking Muffcakes.


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