My Ideal Concert


My ideal concert would be on a beach with a few of my close friends, and we are sitting on the beach looking at the stars while having a concert play our favorite music. The band that I would choose would be Nickelback. I grew up with their music and I really enjoy it. I also would like to add a food table so when we are on the beach we can have snacks and enjoy the show. Everyone would be allowed to bring their pets like dogs and cats if they pleased just so everyone can enjoy the music and beautiful sunset. All of these would be at my personal concert if I had an opportunity to run one. 


I choose the beach because it is a calming place to be and it’s beautiful to be. My friends and I would be there all night spending time with each other and singing along having the times of our life. All of us would be in lawn chairs facing the concert with our feet in the sand, enjoying a night that we will never forget. 


I would choose 3 of my closest friends to come with me, because I don’t like concerts where you don’t know anyone and there’s thousands of people there. I also chose these friends because we all like this band. We all had something in common and nobody would be there and not like the music.


I love Nickelback. That’s why I would choose them for my ideal concert and my friends that I invited also like Nickelback so it would be a good time with them and we all have the same taste in music. 


This would be a great experience to run your own concert, but if I had the chance I would run mine like this and it would be a lot of fun. This would be my dream concert with my friends and on a warm calming beach. 


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