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Trick Shot Challenge

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Trick Shot Story

It all started one day when after watching the movie Glory Road Mr. Sader challenged us to a trick shot challenge. We were all excited because this meant no writing assignment. We spent class upon class planning. It felt impossible. Until one class, when Nahanni ran up to me and said “Abby I know what we should do man.” I felt myself getting excited, finally a plan. We started working out the logistics. “Taylor, did you get it?” I asked her. “Yeah,” she said, pulling out a basketball. “So what’s the point of this?” She asked. “Basically, we have to get it in from up here.” I said at the highest part of the playground. “That seems impossible. We’re not gonna make it.” Taylor said in looking at the gap we’d have to make it in from disbelief covering her face.“Nah, we got this.” Nahanni replied gleefully. We were just practicing that period, until the one time it actually worked. “WHAT?!” Taylor said, shocked. “Were you recording?” “Umm no sorry I didn’t think you guys would make it…” “I guess we will have to try again tomorrow.” Nahanni said sadly.

The next day we all got into our spots: Nahanni at the top of the playground, Taylor at the old worn wooden table and I was on the basketball court. We ran through the shot time after time. But no such luck. We even made it close a few times but it just wouldn’t work. “Guys it’s just about lunch, can we just go back?” “Yeah we can try again tomorrow.”

At this point we were half way through our last period with Mr. Sader and we were just losing hope since we hadn’t made the shot since the first day. Taylor and I were just ready to go inside and be done with the whole project but Nahanni insisted that we try just one more time, so we did. And only by chance did it go in this time. We all went crazy. It finally worked. “Taylor please tell me you were recording?” “I was. And it looked awesome.” When we went in to show Mr. Sader he said we got an automatic 100% because it was such an impossible shot.


Layered and Masked Image

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Step one:

For the first step I took a photo I found of the milky way, and put on top a picture of nine animated planets. (which I forgot to save so i don’t have a photo of it, sorry)

Step two:

I used the magic cut tool to get rid of the white around the planets. So that it would look like this, minus the colour around the planets.

Step three:

I felt like it was kinda boring so I decided to add some colour around the planets. Which was a shocking amount of work. I used the drawing tool.

Step Four:

I had to save it to pixlr, by clicking file, then save then save as a JPG.


And that’s it here’s the finished product:

Who am I? Motivations

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My primary motivation is support, meaning I like to have someone to agree with or to help. My secondary motivation is relationships, to have and emotion or some other connection with somebody. It says I highly value friendship which is true. It says that connecting with people is a big thing for me, which is true connecting with people matters to me.

Honestly this test just proves my mother right when she says that I’m super social, cause it’s true I value human interaction and need it. I really like being around people.

Who Am I? Knowledge

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My top three subjects are, Language Arts, Computers, and Technical Trades. Language Arts consists of reading, writing and communication. Computer courses are computer science and computer programming. And Technical Trades is, Agriculture, Cosmetology, and foods. My career cluster is ArtsVideo/Audio Technology and Communications.

I really don’t like any of the jobs I was given. I really like talking to people and working in a setting where I feel like I’m contributing to society, and to be honest I don’t think that doing audio and stuff would really do that for me.

Who am I? Interests

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The result I got was The Translator. The survey says Translator’s are known for their imagination and communication skills. A Translator can usually take a difficult activity or idea and turn it into something simple and make it easier to understand. I’d say my interest type is accurate.

Three of the occupations I was given are, Counselling or Psychologist, Early Childhood Educator, or Film and Video Editor.  I think I would enjoy being Film or Video Editor because I like editing but, I’m not great around young kids to be honest. They kinda scare me…… But I like listening to people, and trying to help people. And I love working alone or one on one. It’s easier to rely on myself to get stuff done.

Who am I? Personality

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My personality type is ENTP, meaning Extraversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Perceiving.

The test said that some characteristic that lots of ENTP’s have are; enjoying the spotlight, liking working in groups, working out problems by discussing them with others. It also says that they may be impulsive, sometimes speaking their mind without thinking it through. It says that most ENTP usually don’t like following/working by a schedules. They are known for being disorganized, and that they have a tendency to see things in black and white. My most valuable personality trait would probably be, the way I talk because I don’t sugar coat stuff for people.

Who am I? Learning Styles

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My learning style is Visual-Kinesthetic Learner, the definition of a Visual-Kinestheic learner is a mix of two different learning styles, the Kinesthetic part is a very hands on way of learning, and Visual is more of just looking and learning.

As a Visual-Kinesthetic learner, I was told I should try to, take part in more hands on tasks during learning, using flashcards was also recommended, also underlining/highlighting my note; which I already do frequently. The test also said I should try to turn concepts into something more visual like charts and diagrams. I have found that highlighting stuff and charts work really well for me.  To be 100% honest it doesn’t make a huge difference knowing my learning style. I have my own ways of getting my work done; so I’ll just keep doing the ones from before.

Hello world!

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Welcome to iblog.stjschool.org. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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