The Terminal Essay

The 2004 film The Terminal is about a Krackhozia man who is stuck in a tireless airport in the U.S.A, JFK International airport. We meet a flight attendant named Amelia Warren, A airport field commissioner named Frank Dixon and a person who delivers food to the planes named Enrique Cruz. when they are faced with waiting a person tends to become impatient with themselves and everyone around them, This also movie tells us what our society chooses to do when faced with waiting in the a airport or just out on the streets.

Navorski getting a denied stamp on the paper

Navorski is a man in an airport that discovers many adventures wait for him in this American airport like buy and sell notes money from a job, and from financial services that offer payday in 5 min for people that request it.Viktor Navorski is forced to wait in an airport because two country’s will not let him in. While waiting Viktor explores the airport, and discovers a construction portion of the airport and decides to work on a part of it. The next morning the workmen see what he has done and are fascinated by his work they hire him to work and he gets paid under the table $19 an hour that’s more than what Dixon makes, This is called Capitalism (An economic and political system in which country’s and industry are controlled by private owners for profit rather than by the state) . In the airport while making all this Moneyfall for food and basic necessities but then a feeling starts overwhelming him it was love for a flight attendant called Amelia Warren. When Amelia slips on a wet surface and breaks one of her heels and Navorski is first on the scene to help her up. Then he gives her a coupon for heels at Payless 25% off but when he gives it to her she goes up the escalator to a guy called Sliver Max. Navorski tries to use courtly love to win over Amelia so he decides to read lots on Napoleon and then Navoski sets up a fancy dinner for him and Amelia. Napoleon was a political leader and a french military who rose to prominence during the latter stages of the French Revolution and its associated wars. later he was on an island where he over dosage on poison and threw it all up he later died due to starvation on the island. Amelia gets upset because of her pager its telling to go see Max her poison and Navorski and Amelia throw away their pagers because they both think that they don’t need them. In a big airport like JFK where planes go in and out of regularly its hard to find help but you appreciate it when it comes thats what Navorski was doing when he saw a girl struggling with her bags but he by accident he breaks the bag and now the girl is more mad than before and is blaming Viktor for it.


Navorski being put into a separate area from everyone else (isolated)

When a character was faced with waiting in the airport some handled it good while others didn’t. Flight attendant Amelia Warren is torn apart when she is faced with waiting for (Silver) Max or meeting Viktor at the airport. Amelia refers that men are her poison and Viktor is a man so she keeps asking him out on a date so after the 3rd time Navorski says yes of course Amelia was shocked on his reply she told Viktor after the fact said. “Ok’’.  Enrique Cruz is works as a person who takes food to the planes that leaves the airport so the passenger don’t go hungry. One day Enrique sees a very hungry Viktor Navorski and offers him food to help him find out what Dolores Torres liked in a man. After Navorski was done asking her all of these questions one she handed her a ring that Enrique gave to Viktor to give to Officer Torres who agrees to marry Enrique Cruz in the airport. Frank Dixon is the Director of U.S Borders and Customs Protection at JFK Airport in the United States he is in charge of the protection of the people going in and out of the airport. Dixon is waiting for a promotion from Director of U.S Protection to Airport Field Commissioner if he can pass the inspection he will get the promotion he has been waiting for. Frank doesn’t want to wait for Navorski country to allow him back in so he tries to deport him by telling him America is open for 10 minutes but he has figured out what he is doing and will not comply with Dixon’s orders so he decides not to wait for Navorski to do something instead he locks him in a holding cell.

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As humans we tend to be impatient with the way things are done in this world. When something isn’t done the way we want we start to become impatient  with other and can’t wait forever and humans start to yelling and becoming mad. In society we are always in a constant rush to get things done and not have to wait for it just like a 9-5 job on a friday we just want to get out and to do other things.  By studying characters who wait in the movie we see that our society is like a hamster wheel we keep going round and round and round just to repeat the same thing all over again but we never ever try to slow down instead we speed up just to get stuff done faster and we never see the little things in life.

In the movie, The Terminal Viktor Navorski is having to deal with waiting in a airport where there is no waiting. With Dixon Amelia and Enrique waiting for them is like getting shot in the foot they choose not to wait but to get thing done on the fly. This movie also tells us about how our society likes to rush and rush instead of taking things slow.

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5 Responses to The Terminal Essay

  1. Navorski is not Bulgarian (note the uppercase b). “The 2004 film The Terminal is about a bulgarian man who is left with a country in one of most hustle and bustling airports in the U.S.A, JFK International airport.” Is Navorski left with a country or left in a country. This doesn’t make sense “when they are faced with waiting to drives them mad.”. You do not need to capitalize a word after a comma, but you do after a period. “a construction portion” Wouldn’t it be an area under construction? You don’t need capitalism capitalized. Make sure your details are accurate. Does Napoleon ever discuss courtly love? The word French will need to be capitalized. The following sentence makes more sense without the but then “In the airport while making all this money for food and basic necessities but then a feeling starts overwhelming him it was love for a flight attendant called Amelia Warren.”. You need to try to put transition at the end of your sentences. You gave us a bunch of details about Navorski’s life at the airport, but what does that actually mean and how does this relate with him coping with waiting? I don’t understand why you have the word one in the following sentence “After Navorski was done asking her all of these questions one she handed her a ring that Enrique gave to Viktor to give to Officer Torres who agrees to marry Enrique Cruz in the airport.”. Again with the paragraph about how others cope with waiting, how do you show how they cope with waiting? Can you give examples from the movie to support your main idea? Also that is the key point of the essay and it is your shortest body paragraph.

  2. I like how you added the other ideas to the story however in the Intro be sure to mention all of the things your talking about with a parrelel sentence

  3. Good overall, but a few things need tweaking.

    1First and last paragraph need more details.

    2A few of your details need to be more accurate. Was it really both heels that broke?

    3 Finally, this was supposed to be a personal response. You have turned into a plot summary a little bit.

  4. I was well done. I really liked the hamster wheel sentence because it really says a lot about our society. Nonetheless the conclusion does need a little more work and the introduction paragraph should include what you are going to talk about in main idea paragraphs. There was also a couple of easy grammar mistakes you could fix up, however it was a very compelling essay.

  5. That was a very well written essay that has a good message in it. I liked your reference with the 9-5 job. The only thing i can tell you to improve is that i would include a little more detail in your conclusion otherwise it was good

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