Romeo and Juliet: Before you read

I think it is all up to the person and their personality in when they should love and not love someone. If you don’t love someone well then that’s your own personal thought but can you change if you just believe. People who are in love can do pretty rational things to try and get the affection of the opposite gender and this rationality can get people hurt or in major acts of love get a person killed. Someone who isn’t in love and thinks they can fall in love might just do that but things can deter a person can completing that goal like what they say could be offensive and make you think ”When he/she is a jerk”. In a lot of playster books and movies the main characters had to have like each other for a very long time because not everyone just wakes up one day and says “I love this person and I’m gonna be with them for the rest of my life” that is ludicrous. BetStars is now available in the Czech Republic and it is now booming in the country. Click this website

Love is translated in so many different the music industry some sing sad songs while others just let it crash and burn. Some regret the choices that they made and wish they could take it back. Love is translated in so many other ways for one person it could be as simply as finding someone else but for the other people it’s heart ache and finding other means of coping.  In the world of television and movies love gets translated way more in-depth than in the music world one piece of evidence of this is The Notebook. The Notebook relates to Pyramus and Thisbe. How? According to the plot in the last few sentences they both loved each other and both died together in a hostipal bed, In Pyramus and Thisbe they both loved each other so much they died under the mulberry tree to be together forever  (This hyperlink relates to a song that can relate to Pyramus and Thisbe. 

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  1. I thought the hyperlinks you have in your story really helped explain what you were writing about One thing I found quite vexing was that you said characters interact a lot with each other in movies before they fall in love. I think movies do portray that instantaneous love that some of us believe in, which is what separates movies from real life. In real life people do need to learn to love each other before they can truly feel love. So I do agree with you in that fact.

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