Romeo and Juliet- Respond to Act- 5 Minute dialogue

Hello Mr. Capulet my name is Marcello today i’ll be asking a few simple questions today.

What would you have done if Tybalt disobeyed  your order?

Capulet- Well Marcello if Tybalt were to have disobeyed my orders it would have caused an unnecessary feud between us and the Montegue’s

What was your biggest fear before putting on the party?

Capulet- Well young man if I were to say I was nervous then I would be a liar, When I planned this party I nevered planned on Romeo and crew to show up and leave like they did I was a bit strange.

When you and the Montegue’s got in that tif and the Prince broke it up and gave you the verdict?

Capulet- When the brawl broke out and the prince said that if anyone disturb the civil peace again that there would be a death sentence put upon them. I thought to myself we won’t disturb the peace again it will those dang Montague’s.

What confuses me the most why were you so stern with Juliet?

Capulet- Well son the reason i was so stern is because she wasn’t seeing my vision but now I see that wasn’t the greatest thing i did, I should have left her find her own love and I guess looking back now that would have been the right thing to do.

Marcello- Well thank you Mr. Capulet for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me

Capulet- My pleasure

(Marcello and Capulet shake hands)



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