The Doctor Says “Love is a disease”

Good morrow to ye young boy,

I’m Dr. Blaze I am your love physician, I’ve been told by your friends that you have been feeling love sick lately. Now I have deal’t with lots of these types of cases but yours is quite different your is more volatile than any other disease so that means more stronger medication so here is the brew that you will get ye young lad. Your symptoms include lots of heart ache, headaches and a burning desire to be tied up like a wonton bird. Take cure once a day until disease is cured. See customer feedback on the product from nerve pain that significantly connects on your headaches.

Love Sick Cure

  •  The healing flowers from Friars garden
  •  The fresh milk from thy finest cattle
  •  Taking a nice peaceful stroll through the orchard
  • Finally just go and confess thy love to thy far maiden with a flower picked from thy finest garden in Verona

Now ye thy ask if I would consume my own drug thy question is yes. This prescribed drug is really easy to take and super fast and long lasting it will help ease your severe case of Love Sick. If ever you know someone who is now drug dependent, help them by calling Drug rehab center in Tucson.

NEWSCAST SEGMENT- DR. BlAZE: Hello I’m Dr. Blaze have you been experiencing loneliness and heart ache if you have contracted “The Love Sick” virus it can’t be spread to anyone else, it’s a none contiguous virus. IF you have this bug please go to your local love physician he or she will have the cure. Again if you have experienced and of the following symptoms loneliness or heart ache you have most likey caught “The Love Sick” virus. See your local love physician now!

-Austin Patry ELA 10 

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