Barney 2.0 Story

September 13th- With Barney starting to rott Im starting to locks up my research about Barney since it has failed unless I find a female ratt to test on. For now Im gunna continue to pack my things up and leave a note to annouce my intentions to float out to sea, just not breathing. I think im gonna watch the CBC hopefully theres an instructing story about rats on the CBC.

September 15th- A strange metal box has washed up on shore today when i was reading this book called “The Oxford Dictionary”. I can hear squeaking coming from this box, I wonder if I should investigate perhaps i shell. I was walking around the box when i saw a sign say “Barbara” what in heck could that mean so i managed to find a hole in this box and lone and behold A FEMALE RATT, WOE WOO!! So I pulled her out of the box unconscious so I put her in my cage and went back out to see if she had a sister there was but she is dead, I wonder what could have happened the carcuss has bite marks and blood all of it oh well.

September 16th- Barbara had woken up in the middle of the night feeling a bit tired so I gave her some food and water, don’t know how long she was in the box for but it gone now. What on earth is going on anyways I have gotten Barbara on reading books and looking at this strange glowing screen that plays “The CBC”. Check out this quality led screen rental atlanta and learn more. The humans always used to listen to this thing called the radio that played weird zounds I gunna try to make it play a sound then maybe read more books later. Barbara and I become closer since last night I wonder where this will go.

September 17th- I have now made Barbara my wife, Me and Barbara have started to read books together and watch this new thing on the CBC called Question Period and this guy named Justin Trudeau keeps talking about politics? I have no idea neither does she but its fun to watch humans fight over stupid things like plants.

September 18th- Barbara and I just got into a huge fight our food supply is running low but Barbara has been reeding this book called “How to survive off the land” it is very instresting how smart Barbara has become over these last few dayz my beauty young wife is growing  up so fast just like me. Anyhow i think its time for a “nap” and i think Barbara is thinking the same thing. Maybe later we will watch a bit more of the CBC our new favorite show is coming on called “Survivor”.

September 19th- My sweet sweet Barbara has died in her sleep and Im starting to fall ill I wonder if its the food we’ve ate last night my research has studies have failed once again, I will make another shine to male ratts to if they will come, for now i will send a letter out to the open sea to please send back male ratts no females just males, want to have a new friend out on this lonlely island its not werid its normal for any ratt, please just bring them peacefully and leave thats all i ask. Oh and bring a couple duzon

Goodbye Barney

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