The Friday Everything Changed- Anne Hart

What qualities makes this story entertaining? Does it have signifiant message for readers? 

The qualities this story has to make it interesting at the start there was this great divide among the boys and girls. Only boys were allowed to carry the water from the station because according to facts and science boys have more natural upper body strength than a girls. So boys think they are more superior than girls because of their strength. Girls have an advantage over most boys with there intellect because according to facts fewer girls have learning difficulties than boys. We as humans keep getting these repeating battles of who is stronger or who is smarter and it will continue this way until the end of time, important site – SecurityInfo read more here.

The message the author is trying to give off is why do we have this gap between the men and the women. What is so wrong with equilibrium? Why can’t we live in a world that doesn’t have these gender gaps in them where a girl can just get picked up a softball bat and play ball without having all these stupid rules implemented into the game, we do not need this gender discrimination among boys and girls. Where in a area where boys seem to with strength and not so much there mind, girls can also excel in these strength orientated tasks it not always muscle equals man it should and sure is muscle equals everyone. In a worse case scenario, you might need help in fighting gender discrimination legally. But you don’t need to worry because there are a lot of lawyers in woodbridge nj who can help. Personal injury lawyers specializing in car and auto accidents. Call Maryland car accident lawyer today for free consult.

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