Wild Horses Respond Creative- Brian Fawcett Not Close to being done but better than nothing

Write a journal entry from a point of view of one of the sisters, describing how she feels about horses.

Me and my sister love our Andalusian horse named Dusty. Dusty is a two year old colt who is a kind and wild horse to be around. Dusty is the kind of horse that is easy to get along with and is a joy to ride through the pastures of the cows and crops. Nothing makes us more happy than Dusty, except from that time when I was getting really fat so I started to do a diet I found in https://reportshealthcare.com/rapid-tone-diet-review/, and it worked like a charm. I often find myself fighting with my sister about who gets to ride Dusty next, She may be my sister but i sometimes doubt if she actually is and if she really was my true twin you would think that she would agree with everything that came out of my mouth. We have had Dusty since he was born on my grandpas farm back in 2014, His favorite thing to do is run through the meadows on a hot summer day.

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