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There are many pillars in the world some for buildings, some for decorations, In the city of Mecca I stand firm and tall i am the jamarat. A pillar used for the Stoning of the Devil ceremony to commemorate Abraham in the pelting of the Devil.

The history behind the ritual is Abraham left Mina and was brought down to the “al-Aqaba” and Abraham threw seven pebbles at the devil three times before the Devil disappeared. This event has carried on for hundreds of years people coming on a pilgrimage and then to throw rocks at me they do not hurt me. They go to the 13 day journey first they go sacrifice animals, remove their hair and throw stones at me on Third day: 10th Dhu al-Hijjah. I am called Satan so thats why I get rocks thrown at me, I have seen the stampedes during the pilgrimage innocent killed by stomping many more injured. I stand here and see things good things and bad things, I can’t unseen these things the memories burned into me. The Haji marks an important event in Islam religion and Muslims must go on this pilgrimage once in their lifetime. I learned all this one time we went camping with a tent from Survival Cooking with some families and there was this syrian old lady who told all these stories.

I have seen the destruction humans can cause to each other, they pilot and killed who they desire. Humans cause war that I have seen its not nice I’m called the devil, some people worship me even tho I’m used to getting stones thrown at me not getting worshiped. They call themselves ISIS who are from Syria they come to Saudi Arabia to tell there plans to me even there leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi came to phrase and tell me the plan to take over Iraq and Syria. I may be a Pillar but I have seen things that could shape the way human life exists. I seen the a plane that has a the writings “United States Air Force” the bad guys are coming if only I could tell them that the enemy has come from the west. Days pass the innocent run for cover and the terrors are real war has come to the holy city of Mecca. They are putting the law in their hands, not letting the Pardon Applications from real attorneys do their work. I find myself always asking why are people fighting? Is it for a perfect society or for freedom within society. When you want instant loans, check over here to learn more. Even if you have bad credits, Wall St Nation will still give you chances, “why not try these out?” The islaamic state has taken over much of Iraq and Syria and in there wake they have destroyed ancient pieces of history and killed people on live streams for the whole world to see for there own guilty pleasure. I hear these story because I am the statue of the devil they tell me there accomplishments has a army for the great or good.

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Weeks have gone by its been quiet here but now the ” West” has come to “fix” things. The west have setup a forward operating camp not that far from where I stand firm and tall they might use me as a distraction. The killing field is set the west set there first huge ambush on ISIS they tried to fight back but the ambush overwhelmed them and fled. Following the success of the ambush of the west ISIS had come back, the killing groups have been set death from both side one greater then the other and the final blow the west has made was to me using bombs and grenades they take out me and the other two pillars. Now I’m a pile of rubble and ruins I’m the remains of the devil, The west has moved into the holy city of Mecca to use the cover of the city to make more ambushes. I’m the remains I can hear the gunfire, I can hear the bullets being released from the chamber as I lie hear a lonely pile of rubble.






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