Twitter Essay: Environment and Technology

(My Tweet- That is already happening in a sense where we want what the wealthy people have so we try other means to get it)

The problem with technology and us as humans we become really disconnected with the world around us and the people around us, we rely too much on what Siri says and not enough to what your friend says, now a days people don’t even think about buying e-roller scooters to go out and enjoy nature, they only think about staying at home watching tv or using the computer, some don´t have a choice because they study medical assistant courses online and need the computer all day. The same technology that we think is doing good in the world is secretly hurting it to make the materials for the tech we have to mine it or take out an entire forest with great ease but with this much power comes greater responbilty too, is okay to get a 4k monitor 144hz to play games but don’t spend your whole day doing the same thing, just get some p4rgaming boosts and move on with your day. Nature is a vital part to our everyday living on this planet we need nature to live like trees they give off oxygen that is breathable. The right thing to do as humans is to make sure our tech can be made and at the same time be grounded back down to its core components that it was first made with. If we can help reduce our ecological footprint on the earth then we wont have these. The advantages to tech is having the freedom to be more connected than ever with the world around the risk with that is your best friend beside you could be ignored by you and then the two of you could become really disconnected if the balance of nature is upset then we could risk losing the entire eco system on the earth. The most technological achievement we have made is the handheld phone we have the freedom to go anywhere we want and have the ability to talk on the phone. Human could make technology that could help benefit nature by showing stats on how good its doing on a scale.  The technology now a days have become everything more connected and better, we can work better with materials now a days. We can also get business online through the help of NEoWave trading. If we want to bend or engrave we have laser that cuts metal, so is easy to modify, but we should use the technology to help enviroment. The environment is a defenceless force against humans we need to make sure we dont kill off the whole forest. As part of our job to help the enviroment lets turn off the tech and turn to each and help the enviroment before it is too late. In terms of getting an online business degree, technology plays a big role.
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