The Platform

With the current situation going on in our world  I have been left with a hefty amount of free time. Between small projects here and there I have become a very avid watcher of Netflix. I recently watched a very enticing movie that seemed to leave an impression on me. This was not due to its graphic nature but by the message, it was intending to share with its audience.

The platform is a Spanish movie directed by Galder Gaztelu-Urrutiana and starring Ivan Massagué, as our main protagonist.  The premise of the movie is essential that there is a prison. However, this is not a conventional prison-like we have in our modern society. Instead, it is a vertical prison consisting of various floors. Each floor has two of the prisoners that must live together with their floor being switched once a month. This may seem quite normal however it is far from that. The real symbolism of the movie is the way the prisoners are fed. A platform is lowered every day to stop at each floor for an allotted time to eat. It begins at the top and goes to the bottom the problem is however that there is only a certain amount of food to be shared among hundreds of levels. This fuels the entire symbolism of the movie and holds a great message. Throughout the movie, we follow the experiences of our main character, Goreng, who has willingly entered the facility to earn his diploma. throughout his sentence, we see him witness and participate in gruesome acts of violence due to his immense hunger and desperation.  Although we are seeing all of his heinous acts we as an audience can’t help but feel a sense of sadness throughout the movie for this man as he slowly loses who he once was. Although he commits some irremediable acts he also demonstrates a message at the end of the movie to the creators of this prison that seem to make us feel as though he found himself again.

So what does this all mean? As I mentioned earlier this movie all a message and is full of symbolism. The levels are used to symbolize classes of people throughout our society. The top is the wealthy and the bottom being the poor and the food is used to represent our personal needs and how if we all only took what we needed there would be enough for everyone. This brings to what the prisoners truly represent and that would be greed. The top levels take more than they need and that means that as the platform lowers there is not enough food to sustain the entire prison until it reaches a point of there being none left. This leads the poor souls on the lower level hungry and drives them to commit the heinous acts out of fear and desperation. It makes us as audience question how this is supposed to help these convicts to understand what they have done is wrong, and makes us face the reality that they really are just being tormented instead of helped.  All they are being instilled with is a sense of greed and personal survival which is also a reflection of our current prison system and its lack of rehabilitation techniques. However, this is just a sub-message. The main metaphor represents capitalism. It represents this by making the higher levels have not only an advantage but also by making them take more than there share and leaving the lower levels with nothing when in reality there is more than enough for everyone.  Overall this movie is an allegory for capitalism in our society and uses the medium of film and physiological disturbance to narrate this message. 

As I had previously mentioned this is a Spanish film therefore it is in subtitles all throughout the movie. You would think that this would somewhat take away from the overall message, however it does the exact opposite. Personally, I feel as though the subtitles connect us. How you may ask? Well, when you look at it as a social problem you can see that not only we experience the hardships of capitalism but so does Spain, Portugal and every other nation thus connecting us all as a world through these issues. I also do have a bit of personal bias because I really enjoy Spain’s more psychologically-based movies and seem to gravitate towards them. 

So what about the ending? I am not going to tell you the ending as I feel it takes away from the overall experience if you know how it plays out. I think that the ending is much more impactful when experienced first hand and I would fully recommend this film. Although there is a lot of gorey and disturbing scenes I think that the movie did a good job of incorporating them for storytelling value rather than pure shock value. Overall I feel that this movie did a very good job of subtly portraying a social and economic issue in our modern society all while providing an entertaining film with some very talented actors. 

The Enigma of Amigara Fault

I recently read a short story written by a Japanese author known as Junji Ito called, The Enigma of Amigara Fault. This story followed the mysterious journey of a man named Owaki and a woman named Yoshida. The two meet at a mountain range that has recently been split in two by an earthquake that struck Japan. The real mystery, however, is that within the middle of the mountain there are holes in the shape of people. These holes have begun drawing people to them by some unknown compelling force, which is the main driver of the element of horror. This story has a lot of ways it could be interpreted and that really intrigued me from the beginning. I think that there is a lot to unpack with not only this story but the way in which this author perceives and interprets horror throughout all of his other pieces of writing and literature.

I really thought that this story was very powerful and brought the horror genre a fresh new take. Junji Ito as an author uses a lot of elements that most do not. He does this by utilizing a fear that we all have….. the fear of the unknown. As H.P Lovecraft once stated, “The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”, and Ito definitely uses this fear to his advantage. By not explaining the reasons for these human shapes holes or the people’s motivation towards them it leaves a lot of it to the imagination and allows a different type of fear and suspense to envelop the readers. He also uses a type of plot development we don’t usually see as he focuses more so on building a sense of fear and questioning of the mysterious craters rather than building a sense of connection with the characters. This may seem like it would ruin the story however, it really adds to it as we are less focused on our characters and more so on the mystery surrounding them. Also, the way he never actually explains the reasons for people being compelled to enter the fault allows us as readers to try and draw our own conclusions for it. Is it paradise, completion? We will never know the true reasoning and this is what makes it such a powerful piece of literature. Although we are shown the fate of those who entered the fault we will never truly know why they wanted to enter it in the first place which is where the true psychological horror lies

Another thing I would like to discuss this story if it’s the use of symbolism. I feel like this story was very well done and had many amazing elements to it. With that, I can go into more detail about its use of symbolism. Although it is not blatantly stated this story essentially symbolizes the act of compulsion. We are shown throughout the story all the citizens unexplainable urge you to enter the fault. This is compulsion, the fact that the holes were “made for them” makes them want to enter even though they know that it will result in their demise. Psychologists describe this type of compulsion as the “death drive” and is essentially the drive to destroy oneself despite the known consequences. This really drives the physiological horror of the story as it is by their free will that they enter these holes with the knowledge of there fate, that being inevitable death. And when you begin to look further you also see that every character throughout the story was in some type of emotional distress when they entered their hole. Such as Owaki’s pain over losing his friend and Yoshida’s immense loneliness. This hints that the fault itself was preying on people who were in a sense of emotional turmoil and using it to draw them to their almost inevitable demise. This also brings up the question of the origin of the fault. As this question is never we are left with the notion of helplessness as if we are not in control of our fate. This notion is one that Ito uses very commonly and utilizes to give his readers a sense of distress and fear that is carried well after the pages are finished.

When I think horror as a genre I don’t think of jump scares or spooky masks as those are just cliques. I think that true horror is storytelling that is carried with us and can not only strike you with fear but also with unease. True fear is not that of jumps but of a deeper more animal instinct. The fear of the unknown is a primitive and vital fear for out human safety, and when you use this to captivate and alarm an audience it affects down to the core and plays with their emotions more than any jump scare ever could. This is why I feel like Junji Ito’s stories are so effective. It is not what we know that alarms us, it is what we can’t explain.

With that, I believe that the works of Ito are beautifully crated from their storytelling to their illustrations. I personally am not a very avid reader of the manga literature technique. However, this author has opened me up to an entire world of writing I wasn’t even aware of. I am a fan of the horror genre but particularly the phycological subgenre and think that the mixture of pictures with the story really help to drive the overall fear and suspense. Overall I feel as though this author always seems to recognized for his deeply affecting storylines and beautifully constructed imagery and uses this to really mess with his readers psyche and emotions. Which is really, at its core, what horror is intended to do.

A Hero’s Journey Layout

Ther hero’s journey plot diagram is a very commonly used method in many modern-day movies of every genre. Most commonly though you will find this method best demonstrated in action or adventure movies. Though it is quite clear in these types of movies it is used all through the movie-making industry. It may not seem like it at first but upon closer inspection, you can begin to see the trace of it among most movies. One movie that particularly jumped out at me with this layout would be the famously known Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

The Percy Jackson series is a prime example of a hero’s journey’s story.  This begs the question of why? Well, it is not just the stories’ use of action and adventure that meets the criteria of the genre, but its plot layout is also manufactured perfect unison with that of the hero’s journey template.

When looking at the plot we can see the hero’s journey within every aspect of the story. From the call to adventure, (When he gets attacked at school by Miss.Dodds) to the approach, (When Percy, Annabelle, and Grover approach Hades in the underworld). These are just a few of the many examples throughout the story that make it such a good example of a hero journey.

So now that we’ve taken a look at an example of a hero journey template it begs the question… why is it such a popular method? Personally, I believe this plot is so popular because of our natural need for adventure, but with stability and somewhat knowing what’s going to happen next. I think that when we are viewing a movie or reading a book we like to know what type of action is going to happen next, but still having that mystery of not knowing what this action may be. I don’t know if this is just a general assumption, but I do believe are constant use for this template is kind of our human need for adventure with some stability.

Overall this hero’s journey template is widely used and is quite effective. When you really begin to look at your favorite movies or books you can see how they all use this generic template. I don’t know if this makes our favorite stories lose their luster and makes them predictable, but you cannot discredit its ability to stand the tests of time. So I leave you with a proposition, next time you are watching a movie or reading a book try and follow the template and see if you can guess what will happen next.

My Dream House

Moving out into the world alone is a very exciting and new time in our lives. When we think of this monumental time in our lives we also tend to let our mind wander to where we will live. Although most of those dream houses are unattainable at a young age we can still let our minds run free and imagine what we would choose to spend our first moments of liberty.

Personally, I have always been drawn to city life. After growing up in small towns on acreages I have come to appreciate this lifestyle however, I have always seen living in a city to be a very lively experience. I think the aspect of just having so many more opportunities and experiences just really pairs with my personality and ambitions. So I think that my dream house would be in a city. A place like New York or San Fransisco has always seemed very appealing to me, but I think for the time being a place in Canada is my best bet.

Still being young I don’t think I would need or want too much room in my house just because I like a cozier and less intimidating feel in a home. So I would probably choose to live in an apartment, and I don’t mean a little apartment like the ones in Edmonton, I mean ones similar to those in all of our classic sitcoms like friends or the less known show New Girl. I would definitely want to be on one of the higher floors because I really like to look of a balcony. With that, I would want a view of the city when it’s dark and all the lights are on showing the liveliness of the area. I wouldn’t want to be right downtown, but maybe an older part that is not always so loud. Some people ask me, “well what about the noise” and honestly, that’s not really a problem to me and actually is quite soothing.

Now the location is important but equally as important is the interior. I would want an open concept house so it feels less closed in. Another thing too make the house seem more inviting would be windows all throughout the home. Along with that, I would want one wall that is brick to give the apartment an old and classic look, that paired with a support beam in the living room would be ideal for me. A few bedrooms would be nice to have for when people come to visit especially for the family if I end up living farther away. Along with the layout, I would want the furniture to match the old New York style that I have always loved.

So from what you can see my ideal housing situation is very different than what I have grown up with but I think it would be a good thing to experience. I have grown to appreciate country life and would really like to enjoy and experience city life too.

The Car of my Dreams

When you think of a monumental moment in your life as a young person you think of many things. Your first day of school or graduation and many moments in between. However one always seems to stick out, that being when you finally became a licensed driver. Everywhere, but especially in smaller towns getting your driver’s license is a very important time in your life and signifies a sense of freedom. Along with this certification we all dream of what car we could flaunt this new achievement with and finally cruise on the open roads.

If I were to have the ability to have any car I would probably choose a 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda. I think that the design of this car is just astonishing and is very well articulated. The red design is by far my favorite model of the car and really accents the black that is a well-known aspect of this car. The body resembles that of a muscle car but with more sleek and defined lines that really catch your eye. The red and black are also accented by the hints of sharp silver, in both the rims of the tires and smaller lines throughout the car.

The interior of the car is also a very important aspect, obviously, not many people along the road will see it however, it really ups the appeal of the car to have a sleek interior. Ideally, for me, I would have a black interior, not really for any particular reason but I just think that it makes a car look very sophisticated and well kept. To personalize my car I would also add some smaller dice on the mirror, I know it’s a little clique but I really think that dice attitudes pairs with a car like that. I’d also add smaller chains or charms throughout the car a bit just cause it adds some personalization and really makes it your own. I would also want it to have a manual transmission purely because it is way cooler and really goes along with the drag racing vibes of the car. That paired with a V8 engine would make for a really classic and sleek set of wheels.

I have always really appreciated older cars and just how nice their designs are. I think this is probably because of my Uncle, as when I was growing up he had always had a passion for cars. In my younger years after spending time with him, I think that the appreciation for old and classic cars influenced me and helped shape what I know today as my dream car. I also know that when I do go on the endeavor of finding a car he will be the first person I ask to help, solely because he knows the most about cars out of anyone I know and I am really glad he got to help me to appreciate them too.

Overall I think that my dream car might have to stay as just a dream as this model is quite rare and has been auctioned for under a little under 2 million and on average sells for about 340,000 dollars. So this draws me to the conclusion that I will probably have to do some saving before I can afford a beauty of a car like the Plymouth Cuba.

Rosiness or Gloomy Grey: View on the World

Growing up we are always told that we either see the glass half full or half empty. It has been said that “It always seems to be raining harder than it really is when you look at the weather through the window.” There are many other saying similar to this one that always seems to favor an optimistic mindset. However, this does beg the question of whether it is better to go through life with a happy go lucky point of view or is it more beneficial to have more of a calculated and skeptical outlook?

When we think of a pessimist we immediately think of someone who is very negative and by definition yes that is what a pessimist is. However when we really start to look into how a pessimist thinks we can begin to see that they aren’t really negative more calculated and worried people. A pessimist will usually plan for failure rather than success which at times can seem very grim, but in their minds, they see it as planning a different route. There are obviously different degrees of pessimism ranging from the annoyingly negative to the cautious however with a certain balance of cautiousness and worry a little bit of pessimism can be a beneficial thing to help motivate and drive you to make more articulated decisions.

Now we shift to the opposite, generally, we think of an optimist as a very happy go lucky person, and protagonist if you will. People who are optimists are generally very hopeful and positive people and seem to draw people to them. There is no doubt that having an optimistic view of the world can help you, however along with the positives, there are also drawbacks. When you view the world only through the good you sometimes miss the negative and that can lead you into situations that could be quite problematic. Optimists will usually enter situations without considering what could go wrong and this can lead them to make hasty and badly thought out choices. But along with these drawbacks, there is no doubt that an optimistic outlook can make you a more exciting and friendly person, making social interactions more enjoyable for you and anyone else involved meaning which leads you to be more extroverted and social.

Personally, I see myself as a mixture of these two personality traits. I try to see the hopeful side of things but I often find myself wondering about what could go wrong or the possible downsides of my decisions. I don’t necessarily think that is a bad thing as it allows me to make more articulated decisions and has benefited me throughout my life. I think that the best way from my personal perspective, to summarize pessimism would be with the quote, “It always seems to be raining harder than it really is when you look at the weather through the window.” When you think about it, this does really make sense because with pessimism you only try and understand what you see whereas with optimism you are always trying to see past the bad and what is behind it in the good.

Optimism and pessimism are both needed in this world you cannot discredit that. As was once said, “Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society. The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute.” With that, it really gives us a very good look into what these traits can help us achieve. So with that, there is no real answer to whether we should have a pessimistic or optimistic mindset, however, a balance of the two is what I think would be the ideal outlook. To see the good and the bad is what helps us to be both safe and hopeful throughout our lives.




It always seems to be raining harder than it really is when you look at the weather through the window.” George Bernard shaw,

Identify a Good Read

I recently read an article called, Total Depravity: The origin of the drug Epidemic in Appalachia lair Bare. This article was essentially about the opoid crisis throughout this part of America and how they speculate it came to be. This was a very enlightening post as it gave me some insight to how a culture and environment of drug use can come to be and how this cycle of usage develops and carries on through generations.

Opioids and other drugs of this nature are very prevalent in our modern society. However there are places with significantly higher amounts of this usage, for example, “Huntington, the second-largest city in West Virginia, once had a population of more than 100,000 people, but that number has reduced to some 48,000, and almost one-quarter of these, some 12,000 citizens, have either latent or active substance-use disorders.” These statistics are quite alarming to the average person as in our little town we would never think of one-third of it being addicted to this gripping substances. However, in areas such as Central America with a very sparse population, they seem to be a normal part of life. They beg the question of why? Why would there be so many opoid in these smaller regions and how did this culture of drug use become so normal?

This reporter, Richard Cooke believes that this opioid crisis can be linked back to when coal mining was very abundant in the area of West Virginia. “Around the same time organized-labor laws were weakened, a company called Purdue Pharma ‘invented’ OxyContin, which meant taking a powerful opioid analgesic, giving it a slow-release coating that could be circumvented easily, concealing its potential for abuse, and marketing it aggressively to working-class communities increasingly unable to afford preventative medical treatment for chronic pain.” When you think about it this does make a fair amount of sense. It is similar to heroin being used as commonly as Tylenol until it became clear that it was a very addictive and harmful substance. These coal miners obviously used OxyCotin very frequently and started at a very young age due to the painful and rigorous work in the coal mines, so it is no surprise that this painkilling agent became so dangerously popular and widely used. Not only was it widely used but it was cheap and particularly targeted lower class people who were unable to afford professional medical attention for chronic pain. This normalized use of these opioids continued even after restrictions had been placed on it and continue to this day to be a reoccurring problem in the modern world of West Virginia.

Now that the times of coal mining have drastically declined you would think that the use of these opioids would have followed, which is quite the contrary to what really happened. The use of opioids has now become a regular part of people in these areas’ lives and has drastically brought down the quality of life in that area. We are told stories of some personal experience with people that help us get a little insight into their lives, “That hole was present in his own experience: teenaged flashbacks to childhood molestation, hanging with the bad crowd in high school, years of snorting Oxy (though diabetic, he hated needles), recovery, then a slip from complacency. He decided to let loose for a night and within a few hours had a mistress/ drug dealer”. From this, we can see that the use of these drugs is not only prevalent within older generations but still remains commonly used within the younger ones too. After years of exposure to these actions and the environment, it’s no wonder why these people normalize this behavior as it is just so common. This brings us to the question of rehab and what people are doing to try and prevent lives being ruined by this entrancing drug. There have been many centers set up all around the more troubled areas that encourage people to come and try to set their lives straight. Many religious groups have also done this with or without bringing up the controversial topic of God, instead, they just offer support and guidance for these troubled souls.

Overall it seems that the opoid crisis in America will not be coming to an end any time soon, but hopefully will start to see a decline. As we have seen throughout history certain drugs seem to lose their luster over time. Such as in the cases of LSD or Mushrooms, they seemed to lose their hype of the 70’s & the ’80s were passed. We can only try to help addicts begin to recover and reevaluate their choices before they get sucked into this world of drugs and try to break the circle of addiction that has run in families for generations.

Time Travel

Time travel is a very predominate theme in a lot of science fiction and fantasy novels and still intrigues readers to this day.  I have always been particularly drawn to this concept and have often wondered where I would go if I had the opportunity to time travel, as this would be a truly amazing event.

I think that the first time I would travel to would be the Aztec era. I have always been really fascinated by their culture and way of life. Their place in history is one of power and skill. They were a very quick-witted and resourceful civilization and that is what I commend them for. Although it was quite a violent time I would still like to see how this era unfolded and really get to see how they could have changed little things they had done and possibly have become one of the most powerful civilizations in that area.

Next, I would like to go to the Renaissance period. This time in history was very important to the development of our modern society. I have been interested in this period for a while now and have always wondered what the influential people of this era, such as Martin Luther or Davinci would have been to talk to. The arts and music of this era were also very influential to modern society and I would have liked to see how it becomes intreated in form the MIddle ages ideals where it wasn’t even remotely important to their new ideals where it was a main focus.

With a time machine, the idea of going forward in time is also a possibility and believe me when I say that it is an opportunity that I would definitely take. I am always thinking of the future and what it could hold, that also sometimes leads me to worry too. With things such as climate change and tension between nations I always am left to wonder what kind of a world I will be living in my adult years. So with that, I don’t think I would want to see particularly my future but just see the advancements that the world has made and learn the history that we have not seen yet. Overall this is what I would do most promptly if I had the offer to travel through time as the future is what interests me most.

To me, the idea of time travel is one that amazes me and may not be too far being fantasy. With the way science is going, it is quite possible that the ability to travel through the fabric of time could be a reality. With that, there are always concerns about what could happen but as is always said, nothing great ever happened without taking risks.



In a world where teleportation had indeed become a main source of transportation, we could have endless opportunities to travel to places we have always wanted to.  If I had a choice to transport to anywhere but here there would be many great options. However, there are a few places that I have a lot more inclined to visit.

The first place I would choose to visit would be New Orleans. I have always been really intrigued by the culture and history of this area and I think it would be a very interesting experience.  I have wanted to travel here since I had read about it in a novel a while back. I  think that the atmosphere of the place is very mysterious and has a very rich history that I would love to explore. Along with its old charm, the place also has a lot of spiritual presence such as ghosts and voodoo. Obviously, there is no proof of this however I still think it would be a very cool experience to learn about these old beliefs and customs as it is nothing like what we have here.

Not only does New Orleans have a very rich and intriguing history but it is also where an amazing festival known as Marti Gras takes place. From what I have read and learned about this festival it seems like an amazing experience. With all of the new sights and sounds of the festival, it would be a very hands-on way to experience a culture very different from our own and get to see how they choose to celebrate their beliefs.

Along with the rich history and festivities of New Orleans, they also have a very appealing climate that draws me to want to visit the place.  Although it is very hot and humid they also have amazing scenery that makes for the somewhat uncomfortable weather. Not only is it a warm climate but the food in New Orleans is known to be some of the world’s best.

Overall I think that going to New Orleans would be a very interesting journey that would expose me to a very rich and old culture full of mystery which is really what I find most amazing about the place, its sense of mystery.  So if teleportation does become a thing of common use in the future, sign me up to go an adventure of my own to this wonderful place.

Songs I Never get tired of

Music has a way of connecting and bringing people together. Whether it’s through a favorite song or shared experience music undoubtedly speaks to us on a deeper level. Although every type of music varies we can usually find meaning within the song or try and decipher what it means to us as a person. We all have songs that we can’t help but leave on repeat and that is what I am here today to discuss with you today.

“Home Welcome Home” by Radical Face.  I will start off with a song that is very well written, with amazing vocals and beautiful backing tracks. This song I find is very impactful and moving not even in just the lyrics but just the power of the guitar and piano in the back. I truly find it to have some of the best backing track I have ever heard. That song with the lyrics which depict a man coming home to his childhood home and being flooded with the memories of his past. But not those of a negative impact but optimism as we can tell from the lyrics that they didn’t have much growing up but they had love and that’s all that mattered.  I really think this song is so moving to me because It makes me think of my old home and all the memories I had made there. Honestly, I just think this is an amazing song as it is or acoustically it still holds all of its power and emotion.

“Way down we go” Kaleo. This song is just beautifully crafted. Not only this song but every song by this band. Kaleo is an amazing group of vocalists and musicians. Way down we go is just such a beautifully crafted song with so many elements that make one that I could never bored of. Every time you listen to it you can seem to find a new meaning to the lyrics and what they are trying to say and interpret them in new ways.  I think that the meaning of this song really comes down to whether we will fall off of the success we have. The lyrics seem to imply that being successful and happy in our lives is precious and it is a slippery slope. What I mean by that is that it is very easy to mess up and lose all you have created and established in your life as nothing is permanent and can always be changes. Within the first line, there is also a question, “Oh, Father tell me, do we get what we deserve?” I think that this line implies a sense of guilt in the singer for some unknown reason as if he were questioning whether he deserves all he has accomplished in life. As you can see there are many interpretations of this song which makes it very intriguing to me. That accompanied by the amazing sound and vocals makes for a song I always seem to enjoy like new every time I listen to it.

“Broken Bones” Kaleo. I have once again another Kaleo song because this is one of my favourite bands and one of my favourite albums. Broken Bones is very different in terms of the style of music in comparison to Way down we go and that is what I love about this band, their diversity and raw talent to change their style of music. This song has a more Louisiana blues type of vibe to it and utilizes that genre very well. Broken Bones swingy and free sound makes it a really gripping song that I always enjoy. Now the meaning of this song may seem obvious by the lyrics as it is clearly stated that it is about working on the railroad against their will, so in other words slavery. ” For every hard-earned dollar I make/ There stands a white man just to take it away”. These singers really use the tone and genre of the song to portray a message of being free and that struggle to do so.  And I believe that the line, “The devils gonna make me a free man” is not referring to a devil but what people are intolerant of. What I mean is that this devil to on person may be a saviour to another and that intolerance and prejudice clouds our judgement of that and makes us see these saviours as devils, and only because of small-minded views. I think that the ability to tell a story like this within a song is a talent and makes me think very highly of these musicians and their ability to combine storytelling and art to create such gripping music. 

As I have said a million times before in my life music is truly an amazing thing that brings people together. It can tell stories that speaking could never accomplish and it can really change your point of view. As they say, music speaks a thousand words and that is very true as not only are you hearing the words but also experiencing the sound that goes with them to really know what they mean.  Music has been a big part of my life as I have grown up in a very musical family where a simple song means so much more. Overall I believe that it is a very important thing to be exposed to and to appreciate as it brings so much joy into our lives each day.