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14 September, 2021 (15:13) | Uncategorized | By: awight

My interest type is being a builder. The builder measures twice and cuts once. I am physically active with hands on approaches, the builder is practical and straightforward. When given a task, I think about the fine details and will make a plan to follow for getting started. I like to be given directions most of the time because I don’t actually want to spend my time actually getting things done. I also like to work independently most of the time.

I agree with most of this but not really the part where it says that I like to work independently I like to work in groups but some of the times I like to work by myself. But for me it really depends on the project or worksheet. My first interest trait is Realistic, This means that I like to take on practical and hand on projects. My second interest traits is Conventional, I focus on information and the tools required to finish the project.

Dental assistant, Bus driver, and security guard. I would enjoy being a Dental assistant because then I can help people with their teeth and make them better. I would also like being a bus driver because I am really good with kids. I would also be a security guard because it watch videos and stuff about them and it looks like a cool and interesting job.

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