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27 September, 2021 (10:20) | Uncategorized | By: awight

Yes I do want to make a lasting impact because then some people will know that I was the one who did that and then some people will be proud of me.  Independence is definitely important to me. Independence is important to me because if you don’t know how to do things on your own then you won’t be able to live in your own house by yourself.  If you want to be able to live on your own you need to be able to clean your house, be able to take care of your work problems and always be on time for work and other things that you have scheduled.

When you know what drives you and what makes you able to have a good life and be successful, you can find opportunities that some other people might not have and then make a good living out of it. You can also find a job that you like and not what others think works for you. You will be able to have the job that you worked for and accomplished but only if you take the time and work for what you want. You can’t just always get things that you want. 

See I already know how to do some of things like doing the dishes, cleaning my room and I also can’t forget being able to do somethings that lots of other people can’t. I can do this stuff because she teaches me this stuff when I am young so that when I become older I know how to take care of myself and that is exactly what my mom’s mom taught my mom so that she could accomplish good things in life.

My two top motivation factors are achievement which is something that I have worked hard for and achieved through not quitting and not giving up and recognition because some times the things that I do I hope that other people will do and learn from and become good people. Understanding my motivation factors will help me understand what I am capable of and what others can learn from me if I can accomplish good things in life so that others can follow my tracks.

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