STJ Gallery Updates October 2007

Look for the WPG2 menu after activating the WPG2 plugin.

I’ve made it simpler to auto-detect the STJ gallery installation: go to Dashboard–>WPG2–>WPG2 Paths and click activate. That’s it.

After WPG2 validates, you’ll find 3 new widgets, a new WPG2 button in the post editor, and a NEW WPG2 page in your Manage–>Pages list.

Oh, and Lightbox effects on images in the sidebar and posts can be activated under WPG2–>Lightbox.


  • WPG2 Album Tree provides a clickable menu directly into the STJ gallery(NEW Feature).
  • WPG2 Sbar Block adds a single image to you sidebar.(Must be configured first under WPG2–>Sidebar Block).
  • WPG2 Sbar Grid and a grid of images to your sidebar.(Must be f=configured first under WPG2–>Sidebar Grid Block).

WPG2 Button:
Look for the WPG2 button while editing a post. Individual check-marked images can be inserted into a post with the default settings(wpg2 tags). The pop-up image chooser works without bugs in my testing, now. If you used the image chooser last year at all, this is the most improved part of WPG2. No more bugs or errors messages.

WPG2 page:
Instead of a bunch of instructions to create your own page template, I’ve included a function that creates the WPG2 page automagically. Do nothing and a page with the STJ gallery is embedded directly into your blog. The only bugs here will depend on the theme you’ve selected under Presentation–>Themes. Individual pictures may still bust out the side of your page, or the alignment between your sidebars may be way off. Try WPG2–>WPG2 Output to “shim” the css. If you find a theme that “blows out the sidebar,” and you find css that fixes it, post your results in the forums.

All I need is more pictures of team sporting events, student council activities, public functions in and around the school. If you have school pictures you’d like to see at STJ Gallery, get them to me.

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