iblog Overhaul June ’08

Several huge changes, but a zillion minor changes. Visitors to the front pages will notice no changes but the Dashboard has changed dramatically: Write, Design, Settings, widgets, editing pages, managing comments, managing Tags.

When you first land on the Write page, it’ll take a moment to see the usual Save, Publish, and Preview. Categories are now set below the Post form under Tags. Suggested Tags has “droolworthy automagics” to feed your inner geek. Tags, tags, and more tags. I’m looking forward to tagging my posts and adding a Tag cloud widget to my sidebar. I’ve plugged in other new and familiar Advanced Options below all that. Adding images(with thumbnails), videos, and audio has a new “Add media” section in the editor buttons.

The Design menu replaces the old Presentation admin menu. You’ll find a huge(albeit contoversial) change to the way widgets are managed. It should be quicker(less drag and drop), but it’ll take a bit to figure out how to add widgets to a theme with multiple sidebars.

The Settings was Options and does the same sorts of task managment, timezone, comment moderation settings, etc.. Activating plugins general puts a new menu under Settings. If a new plugin seems not to do much, check its Settings. Settings–>Discussion boasts the Avatars. You’ll want to register at gravatar.com to experience the fuss. Settings–>Misc changes the default thumbnail size when inserting images. Under Settings–>Writing you may want to increase the “Size of the post box” from 10 to 30 or 50 lines.

As always, if you spot something that needs attention stop by the forums.

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