Introduction Amnesty’s annual report (2012) has China topping list of executions with over 1,000, Iran second with 314, US fifth with 43. The United States only country in the Americas practicing execution.  (see YNet News) The Amnesty International report says …

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The Second Assignment (Historical Perspectives of Canadian Identity) The page on the right, titled, Historical Perspectives of National Identity is a page that contains another pdf file that has an extensive list of web links for the assignment.

Select one of the questions to answer. Scene:  Matthew finally confesses to Sr. Prejean.  The dialogue went as follows: Sr. Prejean:    “Do you take responsibility for both of their (the victims) deaths?” Matthew:    “Yes ma’am.” (Matthew breaks down and cries) …

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Select one of the questions to answer. 1.  Scene:  Matthew’s lawyer, Millard Farmer, was discussing the up coming Pardon Board hearing.  During that discussion, the lawyer says, “It’s easy to kill a monster.  It’s hard to kill a human being.  …

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