Month: September 2009

Social 10 (SB1B) Case Studies of Metis, Lubicon & Francophone

Use the chart, “Maintaining and Promoting Collective Identity”, on page 11 of  student booklet 1B.  Use the following links below to complete the chart. Metis Nation Background (info for rows 1 and 2) Who are the Metis? Louis Riel Louis

Virtual Fetal Pig Dissection

Go through the virtual fetal pig dissection.  You mission is to learn some of the basic organs and systems found in a pig.  Why the pig you ask?  Believe it or not, the pig is the closest animal anatomically to humans.

Social 10: (SB1B): Explore the Dominance of English

Read the article, Across cultures, English is the word.  Identify the main idea and the five points which best support it.  Record your thoughts on the fish bone chart in your 1B student booklet.

Social 10: (SB1B) Reflection: Judge the Most Influential Feature

Complete the following reflection and when you are satisfied, publish it.  I will check your posts sometime this week. Criteria: How much the feature impacts how others see you How much the feature impacts how you see and feel about

Biology 20 Unit 1 Cellular Respiration Links to Tutorials and Animations

Use the following links to help you review. ATP Inquiry into Biology animations A good tutorial consisting of questions.  Might be helpful with studying. Metabolism question set This is also pretty good for reviewing cellular respiration  Aerobic Respiration Click on

Biology 20 Unit 1 Photosynthesis Links to Tutorials and Animations

Here are some links to animations that we saw in class.  Hopefully they help! ATP – How it works Light Dependent Reactions Light Independent Reactions ATP Synthase Chemiosmosis Photosynthesis Click on Chapter 8 Tutorials

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