Month: November 2010

Social 10 (2E) Explore the Silk Road

Use one or more of the sources below to learn about the Silk Road Exploring Globalization page 116 Perspectives on Globalization pages 135-136 The Silk Road The Silk Road Silk Road Map

Social 10 (2E) Notes on British East India Company

Keeping in mind the criteria for effective note taking, use one or more of the sources below to learn about the British East India Company.  Identify and paraphrase five main points. Criteria: Concise, most important information only, and in your

Social 10 (2E) Understand Monopoly & Mercantilism

Read two or more of the following sources to investigate the influence that forms of trade had on historical globalization Exploring Globalization pages 122 – 124 Perspectives on Globalization pages 136-139 Living in a Globalizing World pages 129-134, 182, 217

Social 10 (2D) Background information on “Scramble for Africa”

Use one or more of the following sources to write a brief “4 Ws” summary of the Scramble for Africa. Exploring Globalization page 140 (on shelf) Scramble for Africa: (Read introduction, the Conference of Berlin and the conclusion) Berlin Conference

Social 10 (2C) Historical Globalization in Canada

Research Historical Globalization in Canada (Links) Look for information which would help answer each of the following questions. These questions are in your booklet. What motivations drove early contact and colonization? What impacts were felt as a result of early

Social 10 (2B) Practice Analysis of Explicit & Implicit Message

Social 10-1 students must be able to decipher both explicit and implicit messages proficiently. ¬† Social 1021 students only need to decipher explicit messages proficiently. For more practice, use the links below. C W Jeffreys’ Drawing #2 C W Jeffreys’

Social 10 (2B) Analyzing EXPLICIT & IMPLICIT message

Download the quiz handout by clicking on the following link: 2B Quiz – Implicit and Explicit You can type your answers right onto the quiz form. Use the following cartoon to do your complete your quiz form. Jeffery’s drawing #6

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