Month: October 2011

Instant Communications Technology

“Our embrace of high-tech gadgetry could turn life into a series of rushed encounters and clipped exchanges, producing ideas of diminishing depth.” – Langdon Winner What effect does “instant communication” have on you? What effect does “instant communication” have on

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Can you rap?

Try to write a “love rap.” Can you celebrate your love, or that of someone you know, in rap? Create and share your rap using GarageBand. Or try another topic as the subject of your rap: Chinese Socialism, Euclidean geometry,

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Podcast: Your Favorite Tunes

In a small group create a podcast(radio show) in which you play snippets of your group’s favorite music around one particular theme. Choose someone to be the announcer to lead the discussion between clips. Start by recording one 3-5 minute

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Can they remember the words?

Interview someone of your parents’ or grandparents’ generation. Discuss the following questions: What songs were important to them when they were younger? Can they remember the words? What did they like about the lyrics? Why are they memorable? What personal

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Lyrics Versus Video

Compare your interpretation of the lyrics of your favorite song with the video of the same song. How are they similar? How do they differ?

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Love Songs, Love Poems

Robert Burns (1759-96), a popular poet from Scotland, lives again each January 25th, when millions around the world celebrate his poetry. In his poetry, Burns expresses his concern for people of the working class. He is also one of the

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Could It Be Love?

The two following poems express different attitudes toward love. The first poem, “How do I Love Thee?,” was written in the nineteenth century and the second one, “First Person Demonstrative” was written in the twentieth century. “How do I love

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Short Story Mask

Write a short story that features a character wearing a physical mask.

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Masked Character in a Film

Watch a film that features a masked character such as Phantom of the Opera, The Elephant Man, Batman3. Write a review of the film.

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Looking at Masks

Masks have been worn in many different cultures over the centuries. No matter what culture or time period it is from, the visual impact of a mask is often dramatic. Even though you might know very little about the cultural

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Masks are intriguing because they serve some interesting purposes. When you put on a mask, you do one of many things: transform your character, hide your identity, or protect yourself. Everyone has worn a mask at some point in life.

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About Technology

Write a post on one of the following topics about technology: technological change in schools technology both shapes and is shaped by society the need for public policy that controls technological change genetic engineering determine a plan of action to

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The Chimney Sweeper

Read William Blake’s poem, “The Chimney Sweeper”(1789). What is this poem saying about humans and technological advances? In what ways has the condition that humanity finds itself in changed since Blake wrote his poem. Write a post of your thoughts

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Write a post on the subject of robots. Possible themes you might consider are: robots of the past, present, and future benefits and dangers of having robots the depiction of robots in film and television

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A Technological Invention

What technological invention has been most important to you? How has it influenced or affected you? What would you like to see invented in the near future that would be of great help to make you life more comfortable or

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No Cell Phones!

Pretend that the members of your community have decided to turn off their cell phones, televisions, computers, consoles, hand held devices, game gadgets, etc. for a week. Write a persuasive letter to the editor of your local newspaper as part

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When you have children…

When(if) you have children do you plan to put any restrictions on their technology habits? Consider TV, computer, console game, hand held game, cell phone, ipod, smart phone, ipad etc.

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