Month: November 2011

Social 20: SB 3C: Case Studies

Now that you have explored the factors of ultranationalism, examine the following case studies as examples where ultranationalism occurred. As you explore, begin to consider which factors contributed most to the rise of ultranationalism in each nation Japan Read:  Exploring

I Shouldn’t Be Alive

View one of the following “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” episodes from CBC’s “The Passionate Eye” series. Watch Shipwrecked Family.  Debuting Wednesay October 5: On the final leg of an amazing two year sailing voyage, the Silverwood Family hit some stormy weather

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Social 20: SB3C: Factors Contributing to Ultranationalism

Explore some of these factors through the links below. As you explore, be prepared to consider how significantly each factor contributes to the rise of ultranationalism. Political Crisis This will be done together as a class Charisma Hitler’s speech (watch

Social 20: 3B: Judge Interwar Foreign Policy Actions

Here is the document containing the summary chart if you wish to do it electronically. Summary Chart Interwar era Here is the document that you will use to do your evidence-based arguments to support your continuum placement.  Just click on

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