Month: December 2011

Poem Personified

In what ways can a person be considered a poem?

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Peer Group Prosecution

Create a poster that celebrates individual differences.

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Life After Love

The idea that life goes on after a relationship ends is a common theme in pop songs. Write about a song that expresses this theme. Share the lyrics and a link to the song.

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Excess Packaging

Look around your own home to find items that have been marketed with excess packaging. Use your research for the basis of a post on household waste. You may include specific product references to excess packaging. Select one of the

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Help your friend feel more worthwhile

Suppose you had a friend who felt he or she was of no value; that is, he or she had low self-esteem. What would you do or say to help your friend feel more worthwhile?

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Goals and Dreams

In what ways do having goals and dreams, even if the appear to be unrealistic, contribute to the success of an individual?

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Cruel and Unfeeling

How do people learn to be cruel and unfeeling?

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Canadian Identity

Having a Canadian identity is not merely the result of being born in Canada. How is a national identity developed?

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Death Personified

Personify death. What does Death look like? Write a dialogue in which you negotiate a bargain with Death.

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Write a “How to …” Article

Write a “How to …” article. Write an article in which you explain how to do something. You might choose a common, seemingly everyday topic such as how to send a text message or how to write a business letter.

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Immigrants and the Quality of Life in Canada

Write about the ways in which immigrant people enrich the quality of life in Canada.

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How I came to Canada

Write a poem titled “How I came to Canada.”

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Social 20:SB 3D Reseach a Genocide (Rwanda)

The following is the link you need to complete the Research portion of the Rwandan genocide/ethnic cleansing on pages 4 and 5 of you Student Booklet 3D. Rwanda (All the information you need is on this site)

“Credo” by Robert Fulghum (excerpt)

I realized that I already know most of what’s necessary to live a meaningful life – that it isn’t all that complicated. I know it. And have known it for a long, long time. Living it – well, that’s another

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Earth First

Research an environmental issue and organize an action in response to the issue. Environment Canada Issues: Weather and Meteorology Water Pollution and Waste Habitat and Wildlife Climate Change Air What you can do: Take action for the environment (Hints: poster,

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