Month: February 2012

RS 25: Inherit the Wind Reflection #1

Directions:  1)  First, click on the link  Christian views on Hell and skim some of the information.  This is to give you some concept of  how Christians understand hell.  Also read Pope Benedict XVI’s view on hell by clicking on

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RS 25 Inherit the Wind Reflection #2

Directions:  Select ONE s of the two questions below and answer the question.  Your answers must reflect what you have learned in class.  The rubric used is called Reflection Rubric and is found in the pages on the right.  Answer

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Social 10 (SB1A) Sorting Global/local events (chart) Redo Assignment

Be sure to categorize the story as Global or Local and to Connect to factors of globalization (trade, communication, transportation, media) if you do not download and use the chart.  When you have completed the assignment, you can print it

Social 10 (SB 1A): Background to the Banana Issue

There is a great deal of background information available which will help you better understand the complex situation that is the banana trade. Explore several of the following information sources to gain a clearer sense of the system, issues and


Think of some people you know or have read about who are/where ambitious. Have their ambitions led to a positive or negative result? Are ambitions sometimes destructive? Explain.

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What is your understanding of the philosophy, “the end justifies the means”? Give examples of situations in which you would agree or disagree with this philosophy.

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Vicious Tyrant

Would assassination or civil war ever be a justifiable response to rule by tyranny? What would you do if the leader of your country became a vicious tyrant? Respond with a short story or narrative essay.

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A Citizen’s First Responsibilities

Are a citizen’s first responsibilities to family, political leader, or country?

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Evil Behaviour

Describe some examples of what you think is evil behaviour. How should evil behaviour be dealt with?

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Suspect a Crime?

If you suspected, but had no evidence, that a friend of yours had committed a crime, what would you do?

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How do you deal with your fears?

How do you deal with your fears? How might you help others to deal with theirs? What are some of the effects that fear can have on people?

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Describe a time you experienced insomnia (lack of sleep). What did you do about it? What are some of the effects that insomnia can have on people who suffer from it?

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“Womanliness” and “Manliness”

Describe a women who best represents your idea of “womanliness.” Describe a man who best depicts “manliness.” Are there any similarities between the two descriptions? Why or why not?

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Ideal Marriage

Explain what your think an ideal marriage would be.

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Deceived by Appearances

Describe a situation in which you or someone you know has been deceived by appearances. How might you advise someone to guard against this trap?

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What do you want most from life?

What do you want most from life? What are you prepared to do to attain it?

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