Month: April 2013

Twelve Bar “Blues”

Read Neil Harbisson and his Sonochromatic music scale, first. You will also need the ColorSay app for iPhone (and PhotoShop). Create a Twelve Bar Blues animated GIF. If you use 4 iPhones, each on a separate quadrant of colour, you

Sonochromatic Animated GIF

Create your own harmonious “ColorSay” composition as an animated GIF. Use PhotoShop as your tool for making the “score”. Use the ColorSay app from my previous post as your musical instrument. What songs do these pictures sing? Inspired Yet? [youtube

Need Help Designing with Colour?

Watch videos by Harbisson at [ted id=1512] Have a look at this. Ask yourself something important about the relationship humans have with colour and sound. What is you favourite colour? What is your favourite harmony?


[ted id=1040] Think carefully. Ask yourself some of these focus questions on equality. Write about about Ophelia and Gertrude.

Retro Mac ~ 1994

Want to see what connecting the the internet looked and felt like circa 1995? The eWorld News links in this sim don’t work today, but it is where I first found out a significant piece of “live” news way back


Do research to create a working definition of the term dystopia. Then view a film that deals with either a utopian vision, such as Animal Farm(2000), or a dystopian vision such as 1984(1984) or Fahreheit 451(2000). Write a review of

Universal Themes and Patterns

Choose a universal theme or archetypal pattern and create a list of works of literature, movies, television programs, songs, videos, comics, magazines, illustrations, and advertisements that make use of your chosen theme or pattern. Then use text, sound, illustrations, photographs,


Not an option, justice is a mandate of Catholic faith. From the beginning, the educational mission of the church has been seem as participation in God’s saving mission. The divine edict of justice requires education for personal and social transformation.


Catholicism is not simply a system of beliefs; it is also a life to be lived: a life of worship, shaped by the Eucharist and the other sacraments, and a life of moral commitment and behaviour, shaped by moral values


The real subjects in Catholic education are the learners in the sense that wisdom requires that the learners be the primary agents of their own learning. Learners are invited to see for themselves: to be active agents of their learning

Story Activity

Read a story. Write a post in which you first summarize the story. Next describe your responses to the characters and events at various points. Then develop two open-ended questions you are interested in discussing. Work with others in the

April Fools 2013 Pranks

Perhaps your inspiration for an awe-inspiring digital design project comes from an April Fools prank. New Coffee Products Cats in the Military twttr Glass Bottomed Plane Pizza Breath Washington Destroyed by Earthquake

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