Month: May 2013

Down By The Old Mill Stream

… not the river but the stream Try a classic Barbershop Quartet as a sonochromatic composition. [youtube video=]

Religion 35: World Religions and Peace

There are many points of view about whether peace on this planet we call earth is possible.  Some believe peace could never be attained.  Others such as Religions for Peace, the largest international coalition of representatives from the world’s great

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The Great Debate

THE CRAIG-NIELSEN DEBATE: GOD, MORALITY, AND EVIL William Lane Craig and Kai Nielsen with annotations by William Lane Craig February 1991, University of Western Ontario This debate is presented on the Internet as a project of Leadership University. Leadership University


Turn this score: Into a sonochromatic score like this: Record a video of your “Hallelujah ColorSay Quartet for iPhone”.

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