Month: October 2013

Hedonism Kant Be The Way, Can It?

In a universe increasing less black and white and enjoying more grey, I pause to reflect on the concept of Christian Hedonism. I have always appreciated the more rigorously fashioned ethics of Kant, an action is either right or wrong,

Beta Test TypingWeb

I need some, err, Guinea pigs to test a “free” online typing program. It looks good so far, I just need a few sample students to simulate the process to see if it will work for us at STJ. What

Inherit the Wind Assignment

One of the climax scenes is when Henry Drummond calls Matthew Harrison Brady to the witness stand.  During this scene, Mr. Brady proclaims himself as an authority on the bible.  The following dialogue occurs. Drummond:            “Do you believe that every

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Endangered Species in Canada

The following are links to information about endangered species in Canada. Endangered species Wikipedia  List endangered animal species (Canada) Canadian Wildlife Federation Parks Canada (This site provides information about what is being done to protect endangered species) Hinterland Who’s Who

Pregame Prayer

Strong and faithful God, as we come together for this contest, we ask you to bless these athletes. Keep them safe from injury and harm, instil in them respect for each other, and reward them for their perseverance. Lead us

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