Month: September 2014

Sunrise on the Veld

Looking at the sun rise I see clouds Looking at the sun rise I see the blue sky Looking at the sun rise I see flowers blooming Looking at the sun rise I hear birds chirping Looking at the sun

Poem: A Sunrise on the Veld- Doris Lessing

The dingy sky, tall spruce trees surrounded. Crisp wind blows on my delicate skin. Heart races as I walk through bushes. There it was, right in front of me, A buck, such a beautiful animal. The moment of truth was right

A Sunrise to the Veld (POEM)

      Being young with a love on your heart Being young was the best experience of life Being young to stand up for yourself and fight what you believe in Being young With the joy on your face

Descriptive Paragraph (my dad)

My dad is a tall guy who has a black eyes, black hair and tan skin. My dad is a really awesome and funny guy and makes me funny every time even if he is always stubborn sometimes. When we

Sunrise on the Veld Poem

I am fifteen I am fifteen Words on to describe the joy of youth and joy Ah, the joy of being young Not a care in the world Full of pride Full of joy Nothing to contain you The world

A Sunrise On The Veld

Time takes possession of the mind, My conscience is gone, gone to the innervation of exuberance, Reality is tempered with, facts have no meaning, All the great men of the world have been as I am now, I am a

A Sunrise on the Veld

Standing at the top of the world , Looking across the wide open space we call earth, Embracing life as it is , and not what it was, Living today and not worrying about tomorrow, These are things that help

Sunrise in the Veld

The young man was enraged about situations going on in his life. HE saw the buck and saw that it was in a great deal of inflammation, so he wanted to put it out of its distress. When i had


my father is a very wise,role model and man that knows very much. He is about 5’8,(shorter than me) and is very talented in showing me skills to take for my future life. He loves to take me hunting with


My brow was furrowed because I did  not understand all my social notes for my test. I absently looked at  my study notes and felt like a bubblehead. I felt like my head might pop off and I spent my

Turning Point

When I was born to this world, I know that the first time i opened my eyes my life would changes a lot more than I expected. All people would grow up into a baby to a old woman. My

Turning Point

Last September my mom started to feel sick. The doctors weren’t sure what was happening, after many trips to the hospital they figured out that she was deprived of essential nutrients that full functioning bodes provide. About one month later

Write a Descriptive Paragraph

“You can only fail at what you don’t try’’ these are the words from someone who has surely impacted my life. Ken Hayman also known as ‘uncle ken’ is my mentor, supporter and favorite uncle. It is nearly impossible to

Enjoy the world

Rise, rise out of your shell so blue, grab a  smile and run a mile; for  there is something waiting for you. Out in the woods its seems so dark up in the sky to you, but if you think in what’s to come you’ll stay and enjoy a

Let Us Be Children

Swelling with excitement, ready to go and start a new day, A day full of wonder What will happen? I don’t know I don’t care All that matters is today, Because today is new, Today is a day of jubilation! Jump,

A Sunrise on the Veld Poem

Out for a saunter on some rolling hills with a morning abroad, with nothing he can’t accomplish, no country he can’t see, no country he can’t go, Nothing can stand in his way, The taste of control is something to

I am

I am cool and  kind. I wonder about the ocean I hear dolphins talking I see flying frogs I want a turtle I am cool and kind I pretend I am a tiger I feel powerful I touch a giant

Turning Point

Moving is one of the most difficult things you’ll ever do. After living in my house for many years, I have decided to move. And not just like down the street or on the other side of the city, but

Turning Point in my Life

If I had to chose one of the very few turning points that have really changed my life for the better it would have to be my very first year in the Vermilion River 4-h Outdoor Club. When i first

Turning Point

A real change to my hockey career and to my new hockey experience when I translated from an A team in 2013-2014 season to 2014-2015 season playing AA and was also asked by a coach to play 15-20 games as

Turning Point

A real turning point in my life was when I switched schools .In grade 4 I made the  switch  from VES to St.Jerome although the staff and many of the people were very nice and welcoming in my class I felt out-of-place

Sunrise on the Veld, Assignment

The questions being answered can be viewed at the hyperlink. The boy is feeling and thinking that he is in control of himself, that every blade of grass grows for him alone. If I have ever had felt a similar

Ivan: Descriptive Paragraph

For those of you who don’t know my dad, I am going to tell you a little bit about him. One of the greatest memories I have with him is his experience on the guitar, and him taking the time

My role model

I feel like my dad is one of my best role model. There are many things that my dad has taught me and the amazing memories we have. The best time I had with my dad was my first year

Descriptive paragraph

Dad- My dad means the world to me .He is a very wise guy which makes it hard to ar gue with him because everytime he has a better point on the topic than my point.He is about “511” and


My auntie Robbie is a very intelligent women, she has white hair and quite short . She enjoys reading , spending time with her grandchildren ,nieces, nephew ect and working with her hands . Robbie and her husband Les like to spend

Someone who has affected my life

I come from a large family, so it is kinda hard to single out one person who has had a large impact on my life. If I had to chose one person, it would have to be my father, Lennie, for

Someone that has had an impact on my life assignment

The person that has the biggest on my life has to be my dad. Though not all times have been good, we have survived. His biggest impact on my life has been getting me to be involved. Without him I

Turning Point Assignment

The event that changed me was a trip was a trip to Jasper National Park with my family and cousins, except my mom. This changed me in many ways. It increased my knowledge, my respect, and my appreciation for nature.

Descriptive Paragraph

Anyone who knows me well enough will be falling to the floor due to a heart attack once they hear this. The person whom I believe left an impact on my life the size of a crater, is the one

Descriptive Paragraph

My dad has always been there for me, he’s a big man standing at a solid 6″2, he is not the most solid man but he’s my hero. You may recognize my dad if you seen him, he’s always there

Turning Point Assignment

Hockey has impacted my life, everything in hockey has pushed me to do good. Everyone goes out there and tries there best. It’s the best sport, and there’s many risks that you must over come in order to play this

Family member paragraph who has had an impact on your life: My Grandma

My Grandma has had an outstanding impact on my life. She has helped me in my younger years and still does. She is 72 years old with curly hair, glasses and flipflops. The phrase you will normally hear her say

Turning Point: Life after death

At the end of January my Grandpa had passed. The feeling I had inside was a feeling I hasd never experienced before. I had seen it in movies and new this day would come but I didn’t expect it to

Event that Raised My Awareness of Some Aspect of Life.

Every day we hear of some crazy thing in the world that makes you think of what can happen to you and how fortunate we are that we live in a great country called Canada!!! This event was very drastic

Turning Point

Through out life there will be stories of grandeur and danger told about your elders. For me, one of these stories are about great grandpa Tatersal and his brother out riding. They came upon a trackers cabin and went in.

A Family Member That Has Had A Impact On My Life.

Many people in my life has had a huge impact but one person I think has had the biggest impact on me is got to be my Dad, Gerald Eugene Martin. He is 60-year-old and is around 5″8 or 5″9.

Turning Point Assignment

Every Thursdays and Wensdays I attend youth the people their just really inspired me to be a better person. I Now recognize that I am becoming a better person. I learned that I shouldn’t despise anyone no one deserves it. I


Mom has had an impact on my life. Mom and I go shopping, make cards, make cookies, go to museums, and wave pools. She is very kind, helpful, soft spoken and an awesome parent. She really loves me and helps

Pick 5 and Synthesize (Part 2)

Pick 5 of the following words and synthesize them into a piece of your writing: divergent amity pseudovision extremities abnegation transcribe apparitions prototype plod cultivating a narcotic contingency incrementally unfathomable threshold gumbo dauntless perpetual candour idyllic perfunctory polyurethane bureaucrats ontologically

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