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Borders Sentence Structures

Thomas King used a verity of sentence types in his story borders. An example of a simple sentence he used is: I got an Orange Crush. An example of a compound sentence is: That weekend, Laetitia packed her bags, and we drove

World Religions Project Rubric

Editor’s Desk: Sentence Structure

Through out the entire short story “borders” the author Thomas King uses a variety of simple, compound, complex, and parallel sentences. As a result of using a varay of sentence structures Thomas king keeps the readers captivated and expresses the

Greek Myth Of Orpheus And Eurydice

“Orpheus, on his mother’s side he was more than mortal. He was the son of one of the Muses and a Tracian prince. His mother gave him the gift of music and Thrace where he grew up fostered it. The

Borders Sentence Structure

Thomas King used a great variety to tell a story about a boy, his sister, and their mother. Although the concepts in this story can be connect to aspects of our real lives. In the story Thomas King tell us

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Boarders sentence selection

Thomas King Talks about boarders in depth and all of his story refers to borders.The story also has lots of borders like states,people,places,food,brands.There are plenty of borders in the universe.The definition of boarders is the part or edge of a surface or

God’s Not Dead Assignment

Directions: Answer ALL of the questions below.  The page titled, Movie Study Assignment Rubric,  will be used to assess this reflection.  It can be found on the left side under pages (5th from the bottom). When finished, print off your

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Borders: Respond To The Story

The way Thomas King uses the term boarders in this story is very complex. The term boarder can mean an abundunce of things and touches on your personal experience and frame of mind. What does this convoluted term mean? How

Thomas King’s sentence structure

Laetitia in the story had moved to Salt Lake City and her mother was going to visit her. Her mother said that she didn’t chase rainbows down alleys, which meant she didn’t go off to somewhere to join a gang

Borders Question

6. I think why Thomas King (the Author of Borders) thinks that Borders are so Compelling is because he knows that the Canadians and the Americans struggle day-to-day that they have labels on them or borders. Their names are labels,

Thomas King’s Sentence Structure (Borders)

Simple Sentences; Mel turned out to be friendly. Compound Sentences; Some of the television people went over to the American border, and then they went to the Canadian border. Complex Sentences; The borders was actually two towns, though neither one

Thomas King’s Sentence Structure

In King’s writing he has used a variety of sentence types, they are simple, compound, complex, and parallel sentences. An example of each of these would be, ‘she was seventeen’, as a simple sentence; ‘The border was actually two towns, though

Borders: Thomas King

Borders assignment  ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————— Simple sentence: Just like I told you. Compound  sentence: I hadn’t seen Laetitia in a long time, and I have never been to Salt Lake city. Complex sentence: Coyote went fishing, one day. Parallel sentence: 


Simple Sentence: “Send us a postcard.”(page 1) Compound Sentence:”My mother announced that we were going to see my sister that moved away from the reserve.”Page 1) Complex Sentence: “most of the postcards said we should come down and see the

Borders Story Sentence Types

This Story from Thomas King has a lot of interesting sentence types that makes him a very high-end narrative writer/ Author. These sentence types below has some great story types that can give you an extra mark on a story


1.Laetitia’s  mother was being stubborn.When she grew up she could come and go as she pleased there was no line. 2.I think she was wrong.She just kept repeating”Blackfoot” instead of just answering the question Canadian or American. 3.I am proud

God’s Not Dead Reflection

Directions: Answer ALL of the questions below.  The page titled, Reflection Rubric,  will be used to access this reflection.  It can be found on the left side (third from top) under pages. When finished, print off your response and hand

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A Sunrise on the Veld

A boy in the wood all by him self nothing but nature around him scared not knowing what to do. The dew shines off the grass as a buck runs buy and the birds sing the rifle was pulled but

Stand Up

Have you ever stood up for something you believe in?  A brave and proud woman takes a different path at the … Borders. Background Check: Locate the following on a map: Western Canada Western United States Alberta Montana Follow Alberta

The sunrise on the veld

I woke early in the morning. Awaiting the moment of the hunt. Thoughts are racing through my head. Mysterious unknown thoughts. I can’t figure out what they mean. Im searching for the moment. To get to take a shot at

Descriptive paragraph

No other human being has had such a major impact on my life than my mother. During my childhood, we’ve spent tonnes of time together watching Sci-Fi television shows such as STAR TREK and DOCTER WHO. Whenever I am upset

turning point

School and or education has canted my life and will continue to.When you look at some peoples lives they may not be able to do much as some other people this usually occurs when school is not involved in their

Wordle Short Story

There were sirens blaring down the street awaking most of the people in the houses near by. The Santa Barbara Police Department had received an 11 o’clock call on a dark, eerie street known as Jeremy Armstrong. Eliana, who had

Great Grandpa Paul

Paul Hesby was a vertickly gifted man. Norway was originally my great grandpa lived until he came to canada to farm in the early 1900s he was born in 1911 and lived to reached an age many people can’t 101.

Sunrise On The Veld Poem

The coldness of the night A land made of frost and Grass A kid only 15 years old Leaping over rocks  Swinging a gun wildy A free roaming kid Jumping in the air The water moved slow He felt the

A Sunrise on the Veld

I Am Free My birthday is today It is today I am fifteen of age and free The soil is rich The water is calm And I’m still free I run full of joy I stop with excitement I leap

Sunrise on the Veld Poem.

Flocks of bird flew into the air, Suddenly it all rose in him, I am fifteen, Yelling mad with joy, Freedom, I was free, Jumping widely into the air, The words were new to me, I was young, I was

Sunrise on the Veld-Poem

Freedom! I was free Nothing could stop me now I was young No one could defeat me Suddenly it all rose in him Yelling mad with the joy of living I was fifteen! The words were new to me I

Grandpa- Descriptive Paragraph

When I think of someone to write about I think of my Grandpa. Born in 1950’s my grandpa lived in the town called Wainwright he started his career being a parole officer. By the time he was 27 he quit his

Descriptive Paragraph

My role model is m dad. He is super funny caring and helpful. My fathers name is Kevin Millan. He has short brown hair, with blue eyes. His arms are also freckly. My dad is about 5’11 just a little

Sunrise on the veld poem

    There is nothing I cannot do, nothing! Nobody can tell me what to do, I can feel my life approaching me as something that I own, All the great men of the world have been as I am

Sunrise On The Veld Poem

I contain the world, I contain the power, I can make of it what I want, Out of anything and everything, He felt his life ahead of him as a great and wonderful thing, something that was Reputable imagination at

Turning Point

A huge turning point in my life and my fellow team mates from Vermilion had all made a AA hockey team in Wainwright. Going from being an A player all our lives and now playing AA is a pretty huge jump.

Sunrise on the Veld-Questions

His first thoughts were curiosity and cautiousness as he approached an unknown object that was wriggling. He then felt awe and terror as he realized it was simply a buck being eaten by ants. One night I once saw glaring

Turning Point

The earth is very important to me and I’m trying to help it. I try and provide ways to make the earth a better place by not polluting the earth by riding bikes or walking instead of driving. Biking doesn’t

A Sunrise On The Veld Poem

Under neath my breath, I whisper, “I’m as free, as an Eagle” This is the most  amazing feeling in the world, Wind blowing, sun warming melting the frost, Birds chirping as loud as they can be, These are the most

Turning Point

I was getting on the bus one morning and I wasn’t watching the road (highway). Somehow a car didn’t stop for the bus and pulled into my driveway instead of the oncoming lane and he came nearly 5 feet from

Descriptive Paragraph

My cousin Marlise has greatly impacted my life, mostly because of her personality and quotes. She is in grade 12 and is a smashing athlete. Marlise is a fantastic addition to the handball team she plays on. They go to

A Sunrise on the Veld-Questions

The Boy was enraged at the sight of the buck suffering. He was also discusted at the sight of the rotting dead animal. His state of mind was in despair and sadness because there was nothing he could do, he

My First Plane ride!!!!!

I was really worried about flying, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Many different people told me not to worry and as it turned out everything was fine. This made me realize that somethings are not as bad as they

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