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Thank You Letter

  Roger Lee 5865 58th Street chicago, illinois R1S 3T9 febuary 29 1913 Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones 5467  54th Street chicago, illinois R1S 3Y8 Dear mrs luella bates washington jones Hi, this is rodger, u know that kid you caut trying

Thank-You Letter to Mrs. Luella Jones

Dear Mrs. Luella Jones,       It has been a while but I still think about you everyday of my life. Before I met you I didn’t  understand that I would be hurting others if I were to take from them. You

Thank You Letter

Dear Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones Hey, I don’t know if you remember me my name is Roger. And I just wanted to say thanks to you for that life lesson you taught me. Im on my feet now and

Thank You Ma’am

Dear Mrs Luella Bates Washington Jones; Hello, if you don’t remember me my name is Roger.I am the little boy who snatched your pocket-book.Its been at least ten years since you closed the door on me.I remember that night standing

Thank you Letter

Dear Mrs. Jones, Hello, My name is Roger and I want to say “Thank you” for helping me learn a tough lesson of not taking what does not belong to me. You guided me in the right direction by showing

Thank You Ma’am- Response

1.The storie quotes  she could carry everything but happier and nails in her purse. Its humorous because she has everything but hammer and nails. 2. She was a larger women and describes her I think its funny because its hinting

Thank You Ma’am

What I  find humorous in the story is Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones dragged Roger by his head to her house. I found it very funny when the old lady kicked Roger right in the butt. The question “Does Roger

Letter: Thank You Ma’am- Langston Hughes

Dear Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones, I’m not to sure if you remember me, Roger, the boy who once thought it was a good idea to steal women’s pocketbooks. You told me I was never going to forget you, and

Letter to Mrs. Jones

6106 66ave, Vermilion AB T9x1v1 Tuesday, 16 December, 2014 Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones Thank you Beauty Saloon #53 washington street, Chicago USA c5j8e Dear, Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones Thank You Hi Mrs. Jones, this is Roger (the guy

Thank you ma’am

Question #1 1-Ain’t you got nobody one to tell you to wash your face? “No’m,” said Roger Then it will get washed this evening. I find this has some hummer to it. Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones in a way

Thank You Ma’am Respond Questions 1. In the story there were multiple humorous details, like the narrator called Mrs. Jones big and fat throughout the book. The type of language that the main characters used in the book was more old fashion/funny. Even the

Response: Thank You Ma’am- Langston Hughes

The first sentence of this story suggests that the tone will be humrous. Other details might consist: 1. She reached down, picked the boy up by his shirt front, and shook him until his teeth rattled. 2. Put a half

Thank You Ma’am-Respond Questions

  The overall storyline about a child attempting to steal from a lady who does in fact take it very seriously. It shows how the situation should be handled and I think that Mrs. Bates does in fact handle it

Thank You Ma’am: Questions

The first sentence of the story suggest that the tone of the story will be humorous.What other details in the story add to the humorous effect? The slang and language used in the story was quite funny because of the

Thank you Ma’am. Response questions

1. This lady (Ma’ma) has a purse so big that it can hold anything.   2. It starts getting serious when it was eleven o’clock at night and she was walking alone in the dark. As well as the young

Thank You Ma’am

1. Langston Hughes talks about a lady who has a large purse that has everything except the hammer and nails and that it has a really long strap that is sung across her shoulder. 2. The serious subject the story

Macbeth: Personal Response after Act 5

Examine one of the following topics and write a narrative or personal essay: Kingship (Consider the differences between the four Kings in the play) Ambition (Consider the differences and similarities between the ambitions of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth) Guilt (Consider

The Terminal Essay

The 2004 film The Terminal is about a Krackhozia man who is stuck in a tireless airport in the U.S.A, JFK International airport. We meet a flight attendant named Amelia Warren, A airport field commissioner named Frank Dixon and a person

Biology 30 Page 683 Answers

1.  P2 = 0.49,   2pq = 0.42,   q2 = 0.09 2.  0.46 or 46% are heterozygous 3. a) q = 0.5,    p = 0.5 b) p2 = 0.25,   2pq = 0.5,  q2 = 0.25 4,  a)

The Terminal

In The Terminal a comedy-drama directed by Steven Spielberg and produced and written by Andrew Niccol. Viktor Navorski is an IBIS hit because his VISA is no longer valid in United States because his country is under military coup therefore he

Protected: The Terminal

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Terminal Essay

Terminal Essay The movie Terminal is produced and written by Andrew Niccol and is directed by Stephen Spielberg. And the movie  was made in 2004. In the movie Victor Navorski copes by waiting to go to his detonation which is New

The Terminal by Andrew Niccol

The movie “The Terminal” written by Andrew Niccol and directed by Steven Spielberg has an overall message that sometimes waiting for things is important and worth the wait. Mr Dixion, Amelia and other characters were not patient at all with

Expository Literacy Essay; The Terminal

A lot of people waste their time by waiting. Like Mr. Navorski in the movie called “The Terminal“.This movie was about a guy name Victor Navorski who was a Krakozhian immigrant who had been living in the airport for a

The Terminal

Life is an eternal maze, a labyrinth containing blurry obstacles and time to bide. We live in a society where waiting is inevitable. Through out the film The Terminal, directed by Steven Spielberg, societies capability to wait is issued and the effects

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