Month: February 2015

Business Letter: Excess Packaging

905-12963 61st St Edmonton AB T4X 1B7 February 3 , 2015 Muhtar Kent, Chief Executive Officer The Coca Cola Company PO Box 1734 Atlanta GA 30301 USA Dear Mr. Kent: On behalf of my company and many other environmental conservation

ELA Letter Writing:100 Years From Now

Dear Chase: The present life for your 14 year old self was Playing AA hockey in wainwright hockey on the Polar Kings. My 5 year plan is the get a scholarship by an American  team so I could go play

business letter

5732 32nd Ave Vermilion AB T6P 7D5 February 3, 2015   Mr. William Wrigley Wrigley company 3706 James Avenue Toronto,ON M3C 2K1   Dear Mr.Wrigley: By far the mouth watering gum that your company produces is amazing. It is great

Business Letter

PO Box 2387 Vermilion AB T9X 2B7 Feb 18, 2015 Dasani Water PO Box 1743 Atlanta GA 30301 Dear Dasani Water: Nowadays the people are always looking for a new and improved substance to hydrate them. But water is water,

A Letter to K-Cups

1425 James St. Millarville AB T0L 1K0 February 10, 2015     Brian Kelley GMCR Canada Holding Inc. 3700 Rue Jean-Rivard Montreal QC H1Z 4K3   Dear Mr. Kelley: I am writing this letter to inform you of the cons

Personal Letter 100 year old self

1600 Main Street Edmonton AB 10293 February 3 2015 Malcolm Sader P.O. Box 48576 London ON 7P2 X9T   Dear, Malcolm Sader Hi I am writing to you from way back in 2015. You probably don’t remember this assignment. Maybe

Personal Letter

Dear Perry I don’t know if you remember but in gr. 9 you wrote a letter to you in 20 years. If your reading this now your probably 35 and I hope u have had some success,education,materialistic stuff. And have

Letter to myself in 20 years

Dear, Kyler   By the time I am 36 I hope to complete many of life goals that can teach me all about life as well as well as being able to push myself to complete these goals. Hard work

A Letter To Myself in 20 years

7774 66th Ave Blackfoot AB A4D 1G7 February 18, 2015   Grace Evans 5233 66th St Edmonton AB  K4T 1N8 Dear 35-year-old me, Wow me 35 that’s old ! I hope by now Adam has moved out of the house

Business Letter

PO Box 4562                                                                          

letter to myself 20 years in the future

Being and electrician would be my number one choice of and occupation as of now. REmember when you always bagged to move out to the farm I hope that you will be living that fantasy. Water sports are one of

How Am I Not Dead?

Kaya Gannon PO Box 8197 New York TRP7 H6 USA Dear me, I have never really lost contact with you because, well, your me. If I mailed this to the right person, you should probably be six feet under, accomplished something,

Look Here Patience!

Dear Patience: I have known you for 15 years and you never seem present enough. There has been numerous occasions where I have put you on the spotlight and you stood there flabbergasted. For example; if I had a dollar for

20 years Later…

Dear Kale, I am writing you this letter into the future. Currently I am 15 years of age and I am writing this letter 20 years into the future, by the time you get this you will be 35. I

Personal Letter- To myself in 20 years

Morgan Elliott 161 Lexington Ave Ratchetroplis, Promiseland T4C 3O3   Dear Morgan, When I think about adulthood the things that immediately come to mind are  my schooling and academics, travelling to my dream destinations, and all of my hopes and

Personal Essay: Letter to Personality Trait

PO Box 2973 Toronto ON T4X 9B3 February 4, 2015 Rotten Attitude PO Box 2973 Toronto ON T4X 9B3 Dear Rotten Attitude: The the past year has been an emotional roller coaster I understand, but you need to know that

Letter to my 100 year-old self

February 9, 2015 Ty Martin 101 Main street, 66 st Phoenix, Arizona     Y8n 7i8 Dear, Mr. Ty Martin I hope you are still living life to the fullest (but not to be mean or anything). Oh yeah I

Dear 100 year old Derek,

Dear 100 year old Derek, . Hello, I know that while you’re reading this that you probably won’t listen to a dumb teenage version of yourself, but I might as well give you some info on how life was like

Letter to your 100 year-old self

Zachariah Black St. Jeromes school 4820 46 Street Vermilion, Ab Wednesday, February 18, 2015 Zachariah Black My House 6529 52 Ave Vermilion, Ab     Dear 100 year old self, I hope you/ I don’t take this the wrong way,

ELA 9 Letter Writing

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