Eagle-Soul- “God” keeps him safe – he is free Mystery- He looks like a very powerful bird – It seems he has the light of God around him – He is a guardian sprit

The Kingfisher – soul- He is happy, Religiously fishing every day – He has no worries mystery- he is happy doing the same thing every day -he can go under water safely

Boy -soul -boy thinks winter is going to be long -he feels down because it is cold and snowy -The boy  is also gloomy because winter is long, chilly and dreary. Bluejay-soul -grumpy about winter -feeling down about the long …

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Owls soul- it kills to survive – prey do not suffer Mystery- owls come out at night to eat, most birds come out in the day

Matthew Arnold, 1822–1888 Hark! ah, the nightingale— The tawny-throated! Hark, from that moonlit cedar what a burst! What triumph! hark!—what pain! O wanderer from a Grecian shore, Still, after many years, in distant lands, Still nourishing in thy bewilder’d brain …

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