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Who am I?

I find it quite hard to write about myself. Which is strange because you would think it would be easy considering that I know myself better than anybody else in the world. Since I find this topic quite difficult I

How to take a screenshot on a Chromebook

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New Short Story

Short story by:Braxton I`m jolted out off my seat as the car hits a bump and fall back down as quickly as I flew “that was a big bump” I said out loud. Bored I turn up the knob on

Conversation Starters

Are you a good listener? Turn to the person beside you and ask them to talk to you for about 30 seconds about one of the following: Tell me what you would do if you won a million dollars? Tell

Learn how to code: cheap, free

1. Codecademy: HTML & CSS JavaScript jQuery PHP SQL Python Ruby Learn APIs 2. Free Code Camp HTML5 and CSS Responsive Design with Bootstrap jQuery Basic JavaScript Object Oriented and Functional Programming Basic Algorithm Scripting 3. Crunchzilla Code Monster, Code

Chrome Experiments

Google Translates

Chrome Extension: FYI: look for the google translate Plugin in your iblog dashboard, when active you can then add a widget to your sidebar to allow your users to translate your blog.

Chrome Settings Speed Up your Startup

chrome://settings/startup Add your favourite sites to further speed up your startup.

Who am i?

Hello, i am Braxton, i am a 14 year old boy and i live in vermilion. Everyday i wake up and get ready for school, i brush my teeth, comb my hair, and then go down stairs to watch some

Study skills

When I study I like to do it all at once, by doing that I can get all the bad stuff out off the way and do what I want for the rest off the night. I study all on

Short story

  The Thoughtful Detective by Seth Mansfield Mangled abs have been turning up all over Canada and the inhabitants are scared. Ten murders in ten weeks, all committed with a rifle, and still nobody has a clue who the brutal

Who Am I

My name is Seth Mansfield i live in Vermillion Alberta my motto is looking good feeling good. I enjoy cross country running playing football with my friends, going sledding in the winter, going fishing, hiking, baking. On my spare time

Study Skills

The technique I use to study is read over a bit of my notes then I will make some flash cards with questions on them. Then I will try and guess the answer right I will move on to the

On the Sidewalk Bleeding Questions

Andy is the protagonist of this story. Someone stabbed Andy for being in the Royal gang. Andy was worried that Laura would be mad at him for leaving her at the dance alone and he was worried that Laura might

Plot diagram for on the sidewalk bleeding.

Study Skills

Write a post about study skills. most students fail in examinations simply because they lack study skills and/or examination taking techniques. What study skills do you use that make you a better student? What skills should you be using?

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone Survey

comfort zone survey

survey: comfort zone

Its all up to you to know when you have reached your maximum comfort zone. I know mine is when I feel scared and nervous if what I’m doing is bad.

Comfort Zone Survey (Click Here)

on the sidewalk bleeding, by: Evan Hunter

  1. Who is the protagonist? Andy 2. What is/are the conflicts? Man vs Man Andy vs The Drunk Andy vs The Couple (Freddie & Angela) Andy vs Old Lady Royals vs Guardians  – This is the conflict that started

On the sidewalk bleeding

1.Andy 2.Man vs Man=Stabbed, Drunk guy, Couple,Old lady,Andy and laura,Andy vs guardians, Man vs society=Andy vs money, Man vs Nature= Man vs self= jacket, Andy vs gang, Andy vs peer pressure, Andy vs Weather, Andy vs Night, Andy vs death,

survey results

I thought that the responses for questions 3 (Teens who grow up in families where there is violence will be violent as adults.), 5 (Use of alcohol and/or drugs causes violence.), and 11 (Bullying is usually something done by males.)


what i think about TRUST what i think about TRUST is it’s weird & funny.  It’s a short story.   Somebody takes the 5$ bill and i think it was don or the mom didn’t look in the register  right.

On the sidewalk bleeding anwsers

Andy is the protagonist Andy gets stabbed, no one helps him and there is a drunk person who does not help him they are fighting. Andy is a name of a 16 year old boy who is the main character,

Relationships true and false survey results

On Question #2, The qualities that people want in a friend and dating relationships often changes during adolescence.  12 people answered true, and 4 people answered false.  Which means 75% answered true and 25% answered false. I agree with the

Survey Results

My survey conducted that 83% of teens get along with their parents   53% of teens who grow up in family’s where there is violence will not be violent as adults   77% agree that the qualities that people want

Survey Results

This post is about the results from the Relationships survey, out of the 20 responses i received, only about 85% of people thought that most teens do not get along with their parents. For the following question i got the

relationships myth and facts

Relationship True and False Survey

relationship myths and facts survey

healthy relationships

  what i think about a healthy relationship: A healthy relationship is to respect one another.  People who’s being honest to people.  People who’s patience.  

unhealthy relationships

What i think about a unhealthy relationship is backstabbing. Un-trusting. Not supportive.  Leaving someone for an other. Doesn’t want to speak to one an other. Swearing to one an other. Punching, Kicking, Pushing, Hitting, Slapping, Shoving,

unhealthy relationships

An unhealthy relationship is when the people in the relationship do not see eye to eye. There is usually quite a lot of fighting and arguing. People in unhealthy relationships have a lot of issues that they are just unable

healthy relationships

A healthy relationship is when both people in the relationship are happy. Healthy relationships require very good communication. There will be issues in every relationship, but if you have a strong healthy one you will be able to resolve those

Tagul Clouds: Healthy & UN-Healthy Relationships

Healthy Relationship: I think that all these words describe a healthy  relationship because all the words are positive and show happiness. My thoughts about healthy relationships are that in order to have one you have to be honest, and have

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