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Does music speak to your social concerns?

Does music speak to your social concerns? a song that speaks to me is Unsteady by X ambassadors, its about the a kid that is growing up in a bad home and doesn’t feel safe or happy there, “Mama, come

does music speak to you?

Think of a song that you enjoy today that you believe speaks of an important social issue, such as race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Listen to it a few times, and reflect.  The song that I have picked is called

Feelings of Music

Get Ready By Smokey Robinson Performed By the Temptations I choose this song cause they are a good band and it cheers me up when i listen to them. Back in the 1900 Black people were rejected cause there skin

New Testament Study Guides

Yes, these files are free to download and use for your Bible study. These are provided as a supplement to the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible: New Testament. Matthew .. 16pp (150kb) Mark .. 10pp (128kb) Luke .. 15pp (146kb) John

The courage of conviction

the song i piked is stamp on the ground 1.We’re sending out an invitation To everyone in every nation But don’t sleep get on the run Stop thinkin’ and have some fun! I think it means stop sitting around and

Conduct Your Own Oral History Project

The Courage of Conviction Conduct Your Own Oral History Project An oral history project preserves part of a person’s life history—as viewed through that person’s eyes, experiences, and memories. In general, oral history projects add to the knowledge we share

Traditional Roles

In family people usually have certain roles. Women do dishes, and wash the clothes while me they work and fix broken things. Sometimes the women no longer wants to do all of the chores or feel like they should not

Who Am I

My name is Lazarus, last name Weeseekase, I’m 15 years old, Born on 8/17/2000, I Draw, I like drawing my character that i made for myself and when i feel like drawing, I wait for others to be done what

Caveman Principle

Kaku: “Hello” Bradbury: “Hello” Kaku: “How are you this fine evening?” Bradbury: “I am doing just fine thank you, how are you?” Kaku: “I am well” Bradbury: “That is good” Kaku: “I have a question for you.” Bradbury: “Yes?” Kaku:

Does Music Speak to Your Values?

The Courage of Conviction: Social, Political, and Spiritual beliefs The 1960s was a time when popular music—whether country, R&B, gospel, Motown or rock—spoke of themes such as overcoming adversity and the possibility of freedom and equality. Songs touched on messages

Question 1 For Creative Wrighting

1. $5,000,000: You’ve inherited $5 million, with instructions that you must give it all away – but you can choose any organizations you like to be the beneficiaries. Where does the money go?   I have just been informed that

creative writing

1. $5,000,000: You’ve inherited $5 million, with instructions that you must give it all away – but you can choose any organizations you like to be the beneficiaries. Where does the money go? A couple of days ago I was

traditional roles

There are sometimes traditional roles for men and women in households. These traditional roles can include women doing all of the cooking, cleaning, and staying at home with the children. Whereas the traditional roles for men can include doing the yard

Creative writing

  ” Storm: Write a first-person narration about a storm that you have experienced, emphasizing not only the details of what happened but also your responses to the experience.” The wind picked up ruining what was previously a warm summer

Traditional Roles

Traditional roles are a big part of every day life and help define who we are, but by doing just that they are also restraining us. Let me explain, in a family the men usually go to work and the

Sports images and violence

Sports are a huge part of our culture and date back hundreds of years, whether it be hockey, soccer or football we have all had some sort of influence by it. Have you noticed that sports are one off the

Technology and Violence

Nowadays almost everyone has had some sort of experience with technology, and often time people will blame tech. for some of the violence we experience in our daily lives, in some cases technology does promote violence but to the average

sports images

There is lots of violence in tons of sports. There is the obvious violent sports: mixed martial arts, boxing, hockey, football, lacrosse, and rugby.. But there are also sports that you wouldn’t think of as violent but are the same

Creative Writing

8. The Best Movie I Have Seen in a Long Time: Discuss the best movie you’ve seen recently. What was its name? Who were its characters? What was its plot? What did you enjoy about it?   SPY The best

technology and violence

I believe that technology greatly contributes to violence in our everyday lives.. In some of the following ways ? Technology contributes to physical violence and abuse. It does this through video games and violent movies. There is lots of fighting, killing, and gore

The Veldt Questions

9. peter pan 10.                                                                   Meeting Ray Bradbury

Writing process word cloud

Traditional Role’s

traditional Role’s for the male Job for family providing playing with kid’s throwing out garbage help cleaning buy food work traditional Role’s for the Female feed the family cook for family clean the house give kid’s a bath

creative writing process tagul

Technology and Violence

The use of cellphones and computers are becoming more popular every year. People use it to contact friends, and family. However since more people are using electronics the risks of using them increase people can use technology to embarrass, harass,

Creative Writing Process

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Traditional Roles

Men Assume they women should stay at home and keep the house clean, cook food, and raise children when they are at work. Men will tell women That they belong at home. Women get paid less just because there female.

Tagul Word Cloud: Creative Wrighting Process

Macbeth: Getting Started

Although you may not yet have read or seen Macbeth, you will soon recognize some familiar conflicts and issues, for you have seen them on television and in films, you have read about them in newspapers and magazines. In the

The Veldt, by Ray Bradbury (question 10)

10. Read the essay “Cave Man Principle” by Michio Kaku. Create a dialogue where Kaku gets the opportunity to talk to Bradbury about this story. Kaku: “You are familiar with the cave man principle, right?” Bradbury: “Yes, quite familiar actually.

Water bottle rocket

My rocket is called the “rainbow dash” pictures need to go here. Group Rocket Name:                                                  

my rocket water bottle

weight: hight: I took a sprite bottle and i cut the top off . I took one more bottle . I went and cut some fins . Made a nose out of the bottle. Taped the fins the

Who Am I

who am I? My full name is Anastasia lyn McCullough. I was born on september 30th, 2001 in St.Albert, Alberta. After A while we went to my first home In St.Albert. Two years later we moved into our first home

bottle rockets

Group name: Wildcats Members: Taya Henderson, Rainey Watkins, Seth Mansfield Rocket name: Sharknado Materials: One 2L pop bottle Half of a football Three plastic cardboard fins Purple spray paint Red and white acrylic paint One pair of googly eyes Hot

Bottle Rocket

This a post about are bottle rockets. First I’m gonna tell you about are bottle rocket Connor. It was made out of one two liter pop bottle, 28 straws as fins, and a Halloween decoration from the dollar store. To

Bottle Rocket Challenge

Bottle rockets are a very fun thing to do and they aren’t as hard to make as you may think (they aren’t rocket science). If you have some bottles, tape, and some cardboard laying around the house you have everything

Technology and Violence

List three ways that technology can contribute to violence. One way that technology can contribute to violence is playing and executive amount of violent video games. Another way is too much screen time, and the last way that  technology can contribute

relationship survey results

Question 1 :myths 81%. facts 19% Question 2 :myths 81%. facts 19% Question 3 :myths  81%. facts 19% Question 4 :myths 75%. facts 25% Question 5 :myths 75%. facts 25% Question 6 :myths 100%. facts 0% Question 7 :myths 88%. facts

The Veldt, by Ray Bradbury (question 6)

6. What do you think happened at the end of the story? I think that the nursery made the children extremely attached to it.. So much so that they couldn’t even bear the thought of having it turned off for

Sports Images

The sports above are the three that I choose… Hockey, soccer, and boxing. Thee three sports have all been in violence at some point in the game. In hockey there are always fights going on, in soccer people can cleat

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