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Witnessing Violence

Boy’s learning and growing up in a violent family may learn to not take anything from anybody and will do something to make the victim feel bad and hopeless of themselves. But the good guy’s will always win. Girl’s learning

What is Conflict?

Violence and conflict are completely different. Violence is always negative where as conflict can be both positive and negative. Violence is always negative and never positive because you are doing an action that is meant to hurt the other person.While

What is conflict?

  Conflict is a small action that happens more often than you may think, in dating relationships, between friends, and between parents and their children. Have you ever wondered what causes people to become engulfed in conflict? And do you

Thank You Ma’am

Rogers run’s by the lady and try’s to snatch the woman’s purse .Instead of running he fall’s on his back and both of his leg’s go’s flying up .Because the weight of the purse is going down and the purse

thank you ma’am response

Thank You Ma’am is a short story that is written by Langston Hughes. This short story was originally published in 1958 this tells us that that was most likely the time period where the short story takes place. The story starts

Thank You Ma’am

The boy Roger made a bad decision by robbing  Mrs. Jones but she did not treat him like a common she wanted to help Roger by getting his faced cleaned and getting him food. She dragged him back to her

witnessing violence

Albert Bandura was a Psychologist from Mundare Ab who took a keen interest in children, and how violence that they see from adults can effect them. He came up with the social learning theory- this is a learning that occurs

Thank You Ma’am Response

The story Thank You Ma’am begins with a humorous tone, and that light writing continues throughout the piece, with the comedic twist of the lady holding the boys shirt the whole time, and dragging him to her house by it.

Witnessing Violence

.     Millions of children are affected by family violence every year. It’s not just verbal abuse it’s also physical abuse. Children think they are expected to keep the events that occur at home are to stay secret. Children

Witnessing Violence

Violence is a deadly force within families. Its a thing that we greatly want to be rid of, but its passed down through generations. When a child sees aggressive behaviour they are likely to imitate it themselves if given the

Witnessing Violence.

Studies show that 3-4 million children between the ages of 3-17 are at risk of exposure to domestic violence each year. government statistics say that 95% of domestic violence cases involve women victims of male partners. These studies show that

Dear self..

I believe racism is a terrible thing and very wrong. I also believe all people should be treated equally and be respected the same. When I hear people say something to do with racism i think its wrong and not

Dear Self

Learning about Glory Road. I got to learn some new things. like don’t judge others of how they look like of something like that. I’m still not going to be in any type of sport’s In the future, I just

Dear self letter

Coach Don Haskins made a brave decision when he recruited African Americans to play basketball. Lots of people didn’t like the decision he made because before he did that University basketball didn’t have any African American players in it. People

dear self letter

Dear Self… I believe that racism is very wrong, and value equality for everyone. So many people think that if they make a racial comment or slur it won’t hurt or effect anyone because so many people do it, but those

Self reflection of Glory Road

The movie Glory Road made me feel happy that they won the game but throw the movie there are a lot of people that don’t like the new payer’s on the gym floor. and I didn’t like that the white

Personal reflection

Bullying people is never okay. i said strongly agree because their is never a situation were bullying would be okay, even if you are being bullied,  you should just walk away and not become a bully yourself. Its not worth

Values Statements

VIBE pink shirt day logo

When I was thinking of what to do for my logo for this assignment I was trying to think about what I think bullying looks like, and I based it on that. To me bullying happens because we judge people



VIBE Pink Shirt Day 2015

Step 1: The first thing I did was look up anti-bulling designs and I found a few that I liked. One was a picture of 2 people one was sitting down and the other one was getting bullied so I

The Making Of My Logo for The Pink Shirt Day Contest

First i got everything i need to draw on my paper and thought about what stand’s against bullying. And then i thought of peace and violence, The men logo and then draw it on my piece of paper, The woman logo

Pink Shirt Day

Have you heard of pink shirt day? its a fairly new event that is held every year the event has, people wearing “pink Shirts” hense the name and is to draw awareness to bullying. In preparation for pink shirt day

Agree Or Disagree Survey

Glory Road survey

values statements survey

Dear Self,

Dear Self, (in the future though) Hows life in the future? Did i finally get my dream job? How about the worlds problems, has the air become to toxic to breath? Speaking of problems, whats the deal with bullying, have

Chasing Cars

“Chasing Cars” We’ll do it all Everything On our own We don’t need Anything Or anyone If I lay here If I just lay here Would you lie with me and just forget the world? I don’t quite know How

pink shirt day link

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