Month: February 2016

Romeo and Juliet- Respond to Act- 5 Minute dialogue

Hello Mr. Capulet my name is Marcello today i’ll be asking a few simple questions today. What would you have done if Tybalt disobeyed  your order? Capulet- Well Marcello if Tybalt were to have disobeyed my orders it would have

2nd Playoff Game

We played on February 27th against Cold Lake. Even though we didn’t play very good we capitilized on our chances. We ended up beating them 6-2 to move on to finals. We play Frog Lake for Finals.

Act 1: Consider the Whole Act

My impression of Old Man Capulet is …? Uncertain, Benevolent and Humble are a few examples of words I would use to describe Capulet. Capulet is the father of the fair maiden young Juliet and the husband of Lady Capulet

After Act 1

This read has been interesting when relating to metaphors and symbols. I’ve discovered that you can find these forms in writing in most parts of the Shakespeare story. “A pair of star cross’d lovers take their lives.” This line relates

1st Playoff Game

We had won our first playoff 11-2. I had a goal and four assists.

Interview With Mercutio

Mercutio Meeting with His Psychiatrist Psychiatrist: Hello Mercutio, take a seat. Mercutio: (takes his seat) Psychiatrist: So, from our last meeting you talked of Romeo and his love for Rosaline. How would you feel if you were as so shunned

Mix Tape

Romeo and juliet

Write a paper in which you respond to the following questions and statements. I discovered that Romeo is more passive and the nurse has a dirty sense of mind, the nurse is also is socially educated she knows lots about Romeo and Juliet. Romeo


1. I went to the website 2. I typed our product name into a text box 3. I came up with a creative slogan 4. I typed it into a text box 5. I serched sole of shoe in

the first ever car ever made was by a french solder in 1769

it was a steam powered car that went up to 4 mph



  Let me tell you that basketball is one of the most popular sport in the world. It is played with a ball and a hoop player score points by shooting the ball through hoop.It also played by a huge

in 2012 notch gave up minecraft to jeb,he made the redstone update :D

in 2009 minecraft was called cave game

first mario game was in 1981

in 1981 Mario was called jump man and the game was called donkey kong

Welcome To My Stuff

Hello and welcome to My Stuff if you need any thing leave a comment below.


So,what about basketball is great game that is one of the most popular in  America.In this sport you have to have good aim to shoot, good jumping skills.In a real game there are only five player on the court,referees,foul out,and


The Car Of My Dreams On sunday morning when I’d woke up I had a good feeling that today will be a great day. As I was walking out the door to meet my friends I see something on my

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This is my playlist of videos or songs I like and also ones that I think have a great and different meaning for everyone.  

Catch People

Read Luke 5:1-11 The lake of Gennesaret was also known as the Sea of Galilee or the Sea of Tiberias. It was the scene of many of Jesus’ actions (such as preaching from a boat to the people on

The best movie and you may cried in the movie

The best movie I’ve have seen in a long time was Heaven Is For Real! It was last week when my mom bought the movie and we watched it. When I was watching the movie it made me sad. This


Baseball, it is one of America’s greatest pastimes. The ballparks, the food, the way the game is played. Americans and people around the world love the atmosphere, but who invented this wonderful sport? Have you ever thought about when baseball

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Basketball   How to play basketball, first you need a ball and a basketball court, the next Step involves dribbling,passing, and shooting. Be sure you have atleast five Player each team pay close attention in the position that you have

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Stalin and the Ukrainian Famine

The five year plan, was a plan put in place by Joseph Stalin who was a dictator leader type person. The five year plan was supposed to make the production of things and goods and grains from Ukraine increase in

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 MAX Carlos who did the role as Max (a belgian malinois) used to help U.S marines in Afghanistan is handled by Robbie Amell which is Kyle Wincott. Kyle is questioned why the weapons that his squad had gone been missing.


The key to surviving a hurricane is preparation. Be sure to have batteries if your flashlight or radio run out of power, make sure to get enough small energizer batteries to last a few days. If you can’t get a


Inheriting five million dollars and what I would do with it.

If I inherited five million dollars and were to donate to a foundation. This foundation would be the Heart and Stroke Foundation. I have a personal connection with this foundation because I have a family member who tragically had a

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