Month: March 2016

Random Riddle #2

Whats black and white and red all over. Post Answer below

Random Riddle #1

What animal has four legs at birth and two legs when grown up and has three when old. Leave Your Answer Below.

Fact #2

The PufferFish is filled with a deadly substance called tetrodoxin but people consider it as a delicacy chefs have to have a certain license to prepare it. Picture

Fact #1

Uranus has a ring like Saturn but Uranus has a ring that is vertical scientists think that something hit it and tilted it. Here is a picture of Uranus Picture

first rock song was made in 1955 by bill Hayley and the Comets

random fact #6 the song name was rock around the clock

Hit-and-run victim to marry girlfriend after recovering from brain injury

A children’s sports coach who suffered severe brain injury in a hit-and-run is celebrating a “miracle” recovery by marrying his girlfriend. Tom Kerr, 28, was left lying motionless on the A12 in Romford with a shattered skull after being struck

The Cave Man Principle

The Principle

Cave Man Principle “There is no world beyond the Verona Walls”

Cace man Principle

Cave Man Principle

Cave man Principle

Cave man principle


  Winning 5 million dollars would be a dream come true because I could do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, however life isn’t like that. If I had $5,000,000 I would help my Uncle Owen, Grandma Eileen, Uncle Keith,

Response to Paul Nicholson

What Questions does he think deeply about? IS the devil really so powerful? The devil is an image of our imagination he is never so powerful the devil is a myth. Is life a game? Life is a game full


Trip If i went on a trip i would want to go to California and Paris. They are both beautiful places and and Paris is the place of love. I would love to go to California because there is a

Response to Father Paul Nicholson

Paul Nicholson’s thoughts: Confession is one of the most essential sacraments for our souls. However, in society today it is usually avoided by a lot of people. Why is this if it nourishes us in our connection with the most

Helping the World

There are many small things that anyone can do to help our environment and other people a lot. We can save water by turning it off and using less. This is important because if we use up all our water

Thinking Deeply. Deeply Thinking.

What questions does Father Paul think deeply about? In the speech Father Paul had mentioned a number of things, and it all revealed what he thought of certain subjects, such as: is the devil really as powerful as we make him out to be? What

Act 2: Considering the Whole Act

The story about the feud of the Capulet and Montague family which causes a tragic result for Romeo and Juliet. Revenge, love, and a secret marriage forces the young star crossed lovers to grow up quickly. Romeo, a dreamer, passive,

google was founded in 1998

epic 😀


  If i was stranded in a foreign city for one day with no money and no friends I would enjoy it. Maybe I would go and explore the foreign city after all I have always wanted to go to

Dream House

My dream house would be huge, it would have everything I’ve ever wanted, A pool, gym, hockey rink, baseball diamond and lots more. It would have many levels like 9 or 10, 2 levels would be sports floors, with a


(You’ve been exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?) If i was exiled to a private island and my captors only supplied me with five foods i would


Stranded in a nightmare full of all my fears and the only way to escape is through a door into the unknown. All i get is a passageway to three different coloured doors and a flashlight… Not knowing if i

Dream Home

Dream Home Many nights I when I’m not dreaming about hockey I dream about my dream home. My dream home would be five stories high, have a balcony on every floor all the way around the house with white bright

sorry the pics dont show up on my nature personified

Nature personified

Garter snakes live in many areas of north america and they have different designs on them because of the different types of climate they can live on.   Western garter snake                   eastern garter snake There lifespan is 2-3 years in

Dream Home

If I could build the home of my dreams, I would never want to leave it. It would be filled with all the things I would want to have, and I would never be bored. First thing’s first. As you

Dream Home

My house would have five stories; two basements, a main level, and two upper levels. In the lower basement, I would have a large swimming pool, a ten person hot tub, and a sauna. The pool will be four metres

Bad Habit

My worst habit is getting beat around the corner playing hockey, my coach doesn’t like it either. When a player is coming into our zone and he gains more speed while I’m skating backwards and burns past me and I’m

Three wishes

I wish for more wishes to help for people,than only wishing for three.Wishing for more wishes are better than three wishes,but i am talking about three wishes so for my first wishes is to help the charity for more food


When you fall asleep your mind gets transported to a different place, sometimes it’s a wonderful beautiful place you wish you could never leave but we’re not always so lucky. I’m in an enclosed room with only three doors with


Perspective of a doll Do you know the life of a doll is pretty hard? Before we got purchase, us dolls had a nice life on shelves. Everyone, especially little girls gave us all their attention. Now we get dragged


Waking up with no plans and $10000 on your dresser would be a big deal. It might seem like  a lot of money but when you think about it, it won’t last that long if not used wisely. You get

Address the Whole World

I found myself wondering about the world, what do I think about the whole world? Well, first of all the world is a beautiful place and it has a lot of marvelous creations, but it is slowly going down. It’s

Three Wishes I Would Make

I have three wishes but when using those wishes I can not wish for anything for myself. I think that I would wish for things that would put a change in all over the world and effect everywhere. My wishes

Life Without A Computer

Life Without A Computer Life without a computer has a lot of negative and positive sides. Some of the negative things are how are you gonna get things planned, like if you normally use a computer for a planner then

Romeo and Juliet-Response after Act 2: Question 4

I enjoyed the scene where Nurse annoys Juliet by delaying the news of Romeo’s answer, his answer for marriage and love. You can sense how Juliet feels during this anxious moment. Nurse arrives late for Juliet, after being on time for

1st Game of League Finals

Sunday March 6, 2016. The Vermilion Tier Three tigers made the 1 hour drive up to Frog Lake to start the beginning of the end for one of the teams. It was tight right until the second because their star

Act Two: Amo Morbus

I have discovered a new disease, and I am sad to say most of our humble world has been caught in its threads. The disease, Amo Morbus, has killed just about as many as the plague, and continues to ravage

Act 1: Consider the Whole Act

  Love, a wall separating the good and the bad. A barrier which will protect, shelter, hide things and keep secrets. Within the first act of Romeo and Juliet we have been introduced to many things. Some to which intrigue

Romeo and Julliet

Id like to meet Romeo cause he is level-headed and id like to see how he acts at parties and towards Juliet. But he’s not a fighter as he seems but a protector he does whats right how he asks

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