the bar and went to the hotel and got ready for Andrew Wedding and Andrew got married to Bullied friends and had a baby girl and name Lily — Tara Martin (@tara_s_martin) April 7, 2016

I read today in my books is called paper towns by John Green and its about Margo and Quentin go to the store . — Tara Martin (@tara_s_martin) April 14, 2016

I read today It's called Paper Towns by John Green and it's about Margo went to Becca house and party and Quent … . — Tara Martin (@tara_s_martin) April 18, 2016

Read: Imagine a companion story to “Barney” by Will Stanton – “Barney 2.0.” Think about the possibilities of a parallel story where a female rat also experienced “awakened intellectual curiosity.” Her name is … Barbara. (It has to be …

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Source: The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops regarding the Catholic responds to the Doctrine of Discovery. The text considers and repudiates illegitimate concepts and principles used by Europeans to justify the seizure of land previously held by Indigenous Peoples …

The “Doctrine of Discovery” and Terra Nullius: A Catholic Response Read more »

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