Month: May 2016

Challenges to Survival

In the world we live in today, we have many challenges to our survival. Some of the challenges we face as the population do not threaten us immediately, but over time have a great effect on our world. These challenges

What are the major threats to our environment?

Recently, within the last century, the planet earth that we call home has been facing many different problems that are not things that we necessarily want to happen. As we grow technologically we start to forget that we have a

Romeo and Juliet Before Reading

Recently I have watched the movie “the choice” that has to do with the two couples that were completely fine until the new guy/girl stepped in. Another movie is the Titanic. With there being two couples, or a feeling relation

Respond Creatively to Barney

September 14 left to fend for myself on this lonely island. Nothing to do but wonder taking my regular stroll the lab, up and around tubes of funny green stuff I spend my evenings being tempted. Other nights my will power gives

Respond Creatively to Barney 2.0

August 30th- I’m alone with a lady in the lab stuck in this cage, a man gave me some weird smelling food. Glad I didn’t eat it turned out to be poison! Only did this because I was getting in the

ELA final

Our family were slave owners. We were also a very Catholic family. You may think the two didn’t fit together very well, but we didn’t do anything too terrible to our slaves, like whipping, or beating. They often did their

Twitter Essay

With technology we are able to get closer to nature and help improve the surroundings and life of its creatures #ELASTJ10 — ZachariahSTJ (@ZachariahStj) May 24, 2016 #ELASTJ10 Tech can be used to easily communicate with other people, though it

After Act 2

I would like to think that he would be a plague doctor with the black crow like mask on and his goggles fore eyes. Imagine walking into your doctors office for a check up and seeing him what would be

Twitter essay

Every day we advance further into technology and create new things, apples always making new products like the iPhone Se or the new Siri, Viv. The environment is big deal its what keeps us living with the trees making oxygen breathe without

English Final: To Suffer With

We’re suffering because of the pride and arrogance he took in his own selfish interest. It was August, and my buddy Frank and I had just started our guided tour across the arctic circle. Our tour guide, Uki, had traveled

Unfinished Business

I’ve never had to fight, I went through school got an education and never once had to fight for it. Of course I fought with my parents over failing grades or late assignments, but never the privilege to go to

L.A. 10 Final Essay

What shapes a human? What shapes a human is not the skills we have but how we are able to communicate. Humans are the moral beings, this means we have the means of communication with words between one another. This

He Cries Of Melody. . .

Every night that October he said aloud into the dark of the pillow: If you want to make beautiful music, you must play the black and the white notes together. Till his brain had gripped the words and held them fast.

Respond Creatively to Wild Horses

I have lived on this far for a couple of years now and it seem to me like I’m going crazy like in seeing double or something. Every day this young girl comes out to train, she would saddle me

English Final

It is no lie that pain and pride can be found anywhere. Pain and pride is everywhere in people’s lives even when people don’t notice it. Pain and pride will always be feelings that people have to deal with. Pain

Final Essay

 L.A. Final Essay In our lifetime we experience a lot of things. Sometimes life brings you down, but you’re strong enough to pull through. “Pain and Gain”. Some may say “no pain, no gain” Pain can be caused by anything.

Response to Father Nicholson

Father Nicholson really showed me a better understanding of god. He made everything clear to me. The devil is only as powerful as you make him out to be. if your strong he cant break you.  He taught us that

wild horses 2.0

I and my sister beth loved to train horses in the nice grassy planes where the bees fly around and the birds chirp there is nothing I like to do more than to ride horses. Not only did we just

Found poem

The walls of fire burn bright They lost everything   The tears and the children, heartbreaking and surreal In shock and scared, Not knowing what to feel Listening to there stories of such doom Leaving the scene, feeling helpless and

Respond critically to The Friday Everything Changed

I don’t care if this story was written bout the past, but I do not agree with the difference in gender equality. I believe that no matter your gender race we are all human beings and should all be treated

That One Word

  The classroom was reasonably quiet, for our class anyways. It seemed it was always the boys who ran their mouth off about some topic, any topic really, but today they had quieted down. Not that I was the perfect

Equality-Pain & Pride Final Essay

There were two classes Jude and I were in together, Chemistry and Biology. Every Chemistry class I remember sitting on the left hand side of the room every glance I took to my right she was always right there. The

The Friday Everything Changed

The boys have more power than the girls. By the bullying that goes on in the story it has somewhat brought the girls in closer and they became better friends. I dont understand why the girls are being picked on.

Barney 2.0

August 30th , As I glimpse through the glass and see the scientists with the 3-foot white lab coats. Just performing another test on another animal nothing out of the ordinary. I do not know what’s on the outside of this cage but

Wild Horses

My twin sister and I are always together for everything. She follows me around all the time at school. She always wants to try to get me into trouble. Like that time she convinced me to pretend that our brother

Afrika Road Creative assignment

There are many playgrounds with slides but many are not like me, The unwanted slide. Children play on me and they are not like any other children that I have heard of. They rarely smile and they can not stand

Environment Influence And The Chemistry Of The Human Mind And Thoughts

Increasing pollution, the earth’s changing atmosphere and increasingly changing temperatures have been a part of the environment for centuries. Scientist’s discuss and promote issues like global warming, and reduced air quality and the facts are, as we advance in technology,

Respond Critically To Barney

How did I respond to the surprise ending? What has happened? What was the indication of this plot twist? I can say that the final was not an enjoyable and or exciting ending to the story. I would have liked

YMM fire Poem

Prayers make our armour and shields, they protect us from the danger, without the prayers we have no protection from the harm. We don’t deserve the harm yet we get it, Prayers will protect us from the hurt there will

Technology and the Environment: Twitter Essay.

Technology is our plug to the world. As humans we need to feel connected, like we belong. The short story “The Veldt”, by Ray Bradbury highlights the issue of connection. The family of four, lives in a house created to

Twitter Essay

Technology has impacted the world over the years and has both negative and positive effects on the environment. Technology distracts people from everyday lives, but is good for scientists to research ways to help the environment. Technology is allowing people

Twitter Essay: Environment and Technology

The technology we use has become essential for our everyday life. For George Hadley’s children in the story The Veldt being disconnected from the technology around them was almost impossible. It has created negative effects to the environment that surrounds us. This


Fort McMurray residents try to explain what it was like to leave everything behind. We’re stuck here,running out of water in the camps, no fuel, food’s rationed out. The guys just wanna go home. Estimated 1,500 cars being escorted south in

Response to “Africa Road” Narritive

I get hit by many players in my career, really take a beating. Ive always gone through a rough time weather if its me getting hit my one player or multiple in a scrum to a solid piece of rubber

Act 3

1.I would really like to know what motivated…(Romeo) to… try and break up the fight? 1.In scene one of act three Tybalt and Mercutio broke out into battle, Romeo believes that the two young men should stop the fight at

Fort Mac Fire-Found Poem

Smoke clouds blind the city Like a thick, warm blanket, covering a child. Who would have seen this coming? Who would have wanted this to happen? Those who say this fire is justified Are simply fueling the fire further. Nothing

Found a Poem

Tell We Meet Again Burning bright smoke rises water bombers left and right sent far and wide as the wind caries the flames we leave and watch it burn to the ground nothings but ashes and the nightmares the cries

Twitter Essay: Environment and Technology

#ELASTJ10 Tech can be used to easily communicate with other people, though it often happens to disconnect people if used improperly. — DerekSTJ (@StjDerek) May 24, 2016 George, in the Veldt, bought a nursery that costs them half as much

Barney 2.0-Derek-Very Unfinished but Better than Nothing

September 18th. I have finally received the ratt they have kindly sent me. I knew the humans would have enough reason to leave me be here. She came in a box.  As I opened the box a young nice ratt walked

Twitter Fort McMurray Fire

These are some tweets from the Fort McMurray fire. Dramatic and fiery time-lapse video from @NovaCanuck of @FortMacToday escaping #ymmfire. — Edmonton Journal (@edmontonjournal) May 4, 2016 #ymmfire Us getting out of Beacon Hill! My childhood home and everything I've

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