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Twitter Essay

We use technology everyday and it has become an essential asset in our everyday lives. We can use it for numerous different tasks or just for fun. It started out just being an extra thing that we used, but now

What role does technology play in our lives and in nature?

From the new stone age, Technology played a big part on humans lives and in nature, like technology-weapons and on natural resources. As it got bigger and better through years and was upgraded by humans. Some of them created machines,


Volleyball is a very popular sport that many people play. It can be a fun pastime, and can be played inside or outside, weather permitting. It has an interesting history, two ways to play officially, and many more ways of

Elijah of Buxton by Christopher Paul Curtis

This story takes place mostly in Buxton, Canada, during the 19th century. At this time, there was still much slavery going on in the United States. Most of the people in Buxton used to be slaves, but had since escaped

Fictional Biography of Billy Braquette

  Name: William (Billy) Braquette Date of Birth: April 15, 1984 (32) Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.A. Stage Name: Plaque I was born in New York City, New York, on April 15, 1984, to Philippe and

Twitter Essay

What role does technology play in our lives and nature?  I believe that technology plays a very positive role and also a very negative role on our lives and nature. Some technology has a great effect to our lives and

Why Are Vacations Important

Have you ever been very stressed out, have you been angry or tired at school or work? If the answer was yes to either of those questions, then possibly you need a vacation. The vacation may help manage your emotions

Illness Investagation

Crohn’s Disease A chronic inflammatory (provoking and irritation) disease in the intestines (mainly in the colon and the ileum), associated with Ulcers Fistula. Gastrointestinal tract is what this disease affects in the body, this is the digestive system where the

Spanish Project

  Moctezuma had made some awful mistakes that could’ve been prevented. One of them was to let the spanish troops into the city of Tenochtitlan and offering them a place to stay. He thought that by giving them rich gifts,

Can’t We Help?

A big problem in our world is the big amount of pollution on our world because we take it for granted. One thing I can do to help is by not throwing extra trash on the ground and by picking

City of bones

City of bones is filled with lots of danger,mystery and fighting. This book is based on a girl by the name of clary fray she is fifteen from New York. Clary is a perfectly normal girl or so she thinks

Newspaper Article

  A new band Swifty’s came out of under the rocks late last night with their new single “Change the Song!” “Will these four girls become a big hit or will they smash like birds on windows?” This is no

St. Jerome’s School

St. Jerome’s School is a Catholic school in Vermilion Alberta from kindergarten to grade twelve. Red, black, and white are the school colors and spartans are what they  are known as.  apart from education the school has a large focus


My real name is Patty Patrick but my stage name is PP. I was born in Turkey on January 1, 1974 so am currently 42 years old. In my family I have fourteen brothers and one sister. Having only one

Environment and Technology

This essay discusses on the major threats to the environment, our attitudes towards animal, and the impact of technology to humans and our lives. Sometimes it is okay to have fun but it could affect your health such as technologies

Help the Earth and Its People

It is very important to protect the Earth, but it is also important to care for the less fortunate. If you are travelling across town, ride a bike to limit pollution in the air. The more cars on the road

St. Jerome’s School

Almost every week at St. Jerome’s School, an event is taking place. Some occasions, like Gymnastics Day, involve most of the school. Other times, a sporting tournament is on where only athletes on the team play. On non-eventful days, make

How Can We Help Other People and the Earth?

I wrote this paragraph for Health class In our society, we have all the food, water, and entertainment we want. We often get so caught up in other things that we don’t pay attention to people in need or the

Aztec/Spanish Report

How did technology, disease, and other factors allow the Spanish to take over and defeat the Aztec Empire? The Aztecs were fierce warriors and their numbers were immense compared to the Spanish. So how did the Spanish manage to defeat these

St. Jerome’s School

From the ages of about five to eighteen, most people in our society go to school. In truth, our school is a big part of who we are now and for the rest of our lives. At St. Jerome’s Catholic

should cell phones allowed in classroom at St. Jerome’s school

Should cellphone allowed in class Who doesn’t have a cell phone these days? The amazing thing about cell phones is that they are no longer just used for calling or texting. They have become an indispensable multi tool wonder. Today


Who wants the one and only earth we might ever have to still have living humans on it in 500 years? I know that I do but it might not be that way if we continue on the path the

Rock Band Biography

Tessa Lazary Biography American Tessa Lazary is an award winning superstar in pop  music.  She has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide. Synopsis Born in Idaho in 1989, Tessa Lazary began performing with the Runaways in 2002 for 5

Saving our earth

Protecting the world is a very important responsibility because if we want to live here and live healthy lives. We can do things like picking up garbage so the animals don’t swallow it and get sick, even carpooling or just

Ban Hand Held Distractions

Cell phones are becoming the worst enemies of many people in classrooms, and around schools. Let me tell you about a couple things that will happen if phones would be allowed in classes. Phones make many disturbances throughout the classes,


School is one of the most astonishing and pleasing qualities of life. It helps us prepare for the future and teaches us about life skills and life expectations. Without school we would not be able to get a job, earn

should cell phones be allowed in school

  All over the world people generate different reasons why or why not cell phones should be allowed in school. Personally I don’t think cell phones should be allowed in school, simply because they are a distraction to children’s learning,

No Cell Phones in Class

Many students own cell phones in this day and age. That doesn’t give them the right to use it in class though. I think that students shouldn’t have cell phones in the classroom because of three main factors; distraction, privacy,

Should cellphones be allowed in classrooms at St.Jerome?

Should cell phones be allowed in the classroom? It’s hard to believe but smart phones actually diverts our attention especially in the classroom. So I think no, cell phones shouldn’t be brought in the classroom because it affects other people


Making A Sandwich Let me tell you how to make a sandwich like a pro Johnny likes honey from bees, they are endangered so he’s down on his knees  it’s tough, so tough Trina works at subway all day with

Biography of Ruby Max

Name: Ruby Max Date of birth: October 29 1985 Place of birth: Sydney Australia Height: 5’8 Weight: 150 pounds My name is Ruby Max,  I was raised in Sydney Australia, and am currently 30 years old. My parents have always

Expository essay- Angels

Do you believe that angels really do exist? If so, you’re not the only one who believes in these angelic beings. So many things about archangels are fascinating including who they are, what they do and what cultures they come

St. Jerome’s School-Expository

Vermilion Alberta, the site of St. Jerome’s School. St. Jeromes is a fantastic place to be educated. For years, St. Jerome’s has had numerous events and most students cherish the time they get out of class or when catch a

School- Expository

School Looking for a school with a substantial education system and extremely competitive sports teams well St. Jerome’s is the place for you. There is a ample amount of extra curricular activities such as volleyball, badminton and track. Being St.


  Looking for a school with a substantial education system and extremely competitive sports teams well St. Jerome’s is the place for you. There is a ample amount of extra curricular activities such as volleyball, badminton and track. Being St.

Should Cell Phones be Allowed in St. J Classrooms?

Should cell phones be allowed in St. Jerome’s school classrooms? I strongly believe that cell phones serve no educational purpose and therefore should not be allowed in classrooms. Mobile phones are a distraction, they are not the only way to

olive gardens song[making a sanwitch] parody of bon Jovi living on a prayer

Making A Sandwich Let me tell you how to make a sandwich like a pro Johnny likes honey from bees, they are endangered so he’s down on his knees  it’s tough, so tough Trina works at subway all day with

Should Cell Phones be Allowed in Classrooms at St. Jerome’s?

By Sean Ulrich At the age of about fourteen, many of us have a cell phone. A lot of us take them everywhere we go to, but should they be allowed inside classrooms at St. Jerome’s Catholic School? In my

Persuasive Essay

Nowadays just about all students in middle level or high school have a phone. Many of these students feel the need to bring them into class and annoy everyone. Ever hear of teenagers killing themselves that is mainly due to

Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Classrooms At St. Jerome’s School?

Cell phones should not be allowed in classrooms at St. Jerome’s School because, they distract by ringing, or vibrating, as soon as a text message is received. Having a cell phone with you during class, can increase the chance that

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