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Discover Your Spiritual Gifts.

Two of the gifts that I identified as “That’s me” was how I don’t really care when I do jobs and nobody notices because you don’t always have to have someones approval or respect you can respect it yourself. I

A door stood open!

Throne of heaven: I think the throne of heaven represents a symbol of power, authority, welcoming, and peace giving in life after death by god.   Twenty-four thrones and twenty-four elders seated:they’re a symbol of wisdom   The Seven Spirits

Discover your Spiritual Gifts: Results

1. After taking the survey that “I” Created for Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, I know I answered all the questions honestly and got and pretty good score too. For three gifts that I identified as “That’s me!” I know I put,

communication skills survey comprehension

I got this as my result 71-89 Yo are a strong communicator who understands concepts of interpersonal dynamics. There are still a few areas of communication you can grow in. I would like to grow on not getting defensive when

Communication survey

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Discover your very own Spiritual Gifts ;) (; Its the test you can’t flunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Door Stood Open!

A Door Stood Open The door stood open to heaven and the trumpet sound like welcome me said please come up here. And someone seated on the throne look like jasper and cornelian around the throne has rainbow and it

Crystal was here, December 16, 2016

On December 16, 2016 Crystal talked to us about role models who they are, what they do and why there a role model to us, Crystal also explained that a role model is someone that we can look up to


Polldaddy Survey: Communication Skills report

Survey I think my strengths as a listener are that I am rarely distracted, I usually reply when needed, and I know what they are talking about most of the time. I think my disadvantages are that if I stop

what did I take away from the spiritual gifts

I have the gift of being able to do most jobs a lot of people don’t like to do, I guess this makes sense as it because I’ve been able to do jobs most people didn’t want to do because

My Personality Type(Report Of The Survey)

After completing the survey I read the report, it said the my personality type was “The Champion” where I need room to be creative without constraints and that I focus on the world around me, looking for a deeper meaning

Interests survey

My interests are usually based around sports and being active but compared to the survey apparently I like working with animals or working around people. The survey says I don’t want to work at store doing paper work all day

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts Results

I think I have the gifts of wisdom and understanding. I usually make the right decision but still make mistakes because I am human and I understand if people don’t want to talk to me of if they do. I

The true test of character: keep awake!

The bible verse, The pillar of characters, Quotable quote by John Wooden.   Reflect questions: 1. What does it mean to behave as if “no one is watching”? What it means that if no one is watching then you shouldn’t

The True Test of Character: Keep Awake!

Bible Verse, The pillars of Character, Quotable Quote By John Wooden Reflect Questions:                                                        

myBlueprint: Who Am I? Learning Styles Survey

The way I use my brain is mostly for making scenarios, like if I was a programmer, what kind of games would I make, or what would they be about. And other times I just plan what i’m gonna do

Personality Style

My personality is ENFP’s which means I need room to explore and to be creative without constraints.  I focus on the world around me, looking for deeper meanings in the complexities and patterns I see. My personality matches with Sandra

Discover your spiritual gift

Interests Survey

I took the interests survey on myBlueprint, my interest type is the Translator. 71% Artistic and 63% social, I can take difficult things and turn them into something a little simpler. I am pretty original and have my own thoughts.

Personality Survey

I took a myBlueprint personality survey and my personality type was the INFP or the Healer. My personality is similar to Fred Rogers, Princess Diana, Helen Keller, and William Shakespeare. I hate being the center of attention I’ll help a friend,

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

I took the survey and viewed my results, I find myself really caring to the need but not to the point where i’m in need but I still once in a while give money to the poor when I can.

My Interest(Report Of The Survey)

After I took the survey the report said that I was a developer and that I enjoyed being a leader and that I can convince others to get involved with there projects, and that I enjoy being physically active and

Crystal was here (Decemeber 16)

When crystal was here she said that Justin Bieber was one of her role models. He has a charity called pencils of promise, this charity is a non-profit organization that builds schools and helps better education in schools. After she

Crystal was Here December 16

Crystal said Justin Bieber was her role model, even though he did some questionable things, he still did good things to like the helping in the Make-A-Wish foundation. My own role model would have to be Park Bom, she is

Crystal was Here!

On December 16,2016 Crystal came to our class and talked about role models. Justin Bieber because he is a good singer, and she said that even though now he is not the best role model, he did influence kids all

My personality

I took the test and I got my results and I am a healer also know as the introverted, the one that helps people out and a good leader when it comes to thing I also know how to comfort

Crystal was here Dec 16

On Friday December 16th Crystal was here. That day she talked about your role models. Crystal’s role model is Justin Bieber. She like him because of his music. My Role Model is, my Gedo, dad, papa, cousin Jess and savanna. All

Crystal was here December 9th

When Crystal was here we talked about paying attention to our surroundings and how many passes the people in the video could do. She showed use 2 videos that proved our attention span wasn’t the greatest. So she showed us a

My Interests

My results show me that I am a shepherd I am social and artistic and like to help out other people that are in need or just need help.

Crystal was here December 16th

Crystal came to our class today, she talked about role models. She explained that her role model was Justin Bieber. She said that he was his role model because he started a charity program, and he’s a Christian. she also

True Test of Character

“The True Test Of Character” What does it mean to behave as if no one is watching? That means you would behave as if someone was there and you would behave the same in public. If you behave badly alone

Crystal was Here- Dec. 16

Crystal was Here- Bieber is a good role model, to Crystal because, he has a charity for Pencils of Promise.  That charity is non-profit organization that builds schools and helps better education in developing countries.  He’s also religious. My role

Crystal was here December 16

Bieber is a role model for Crystal because he donates to charities . My role models are Jacksepticeye and Markiplier because they are kind, genuine, and funny. The Healing Power of Hugs | Meet Mama Hill I took away that even if

Who am I; Interest Survey

I am Artistic and Realistic.   Artistic occupations require self-expression, creativity and usually feature work that can be done without following a clear set of rules. These occupations usually require an environment where flexibility, variety and change are expected.  Realistic occupations

Crystal was here: December 16

When Crystal was here we started talking about role models. She also told us about her role models, which were Justin Bieber and Mama Hill. She talked to us first about Bieber, he is one of her role models because

Learning Styles Survey

I’m 39% Auditory learner this means I learn by hearing and listening. Auditory learners prefer to listen to audio books or podcasts, hum or talk to yourself often when your studying, and enjoy acquiring knowledge by reading aloud. It is

Who am I

I am a person that loves music, my friends see me as a music lover and as a good sense of humor. I am the only one that cares and know so much about classic cars,muscle cars and old muscle

On the Sidewalk Bleeding By: Evan Hunter

Who is the protagonist? Andy is the protagonist because he is the main character, he was the boy laying on the sidewalk bleeding. Andy wore a bright purple jacket that read – the Royals on the back of the jacket,

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