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myBlueprint: Who Am I? Personality Survey

When I took the personality quiz, It said I was “The Healer” It also said I was an INFP, Introverted, iNuiting, Feeling, and Perceiving. This means I am creative, artistic, idealistic and spiritual. It says that INFP’s believe everybody is uniquely

myBlueprint: Who Am I? Personality Survey

  my personality is Introverted, iNtuiting, Feeling, and Perceiving or INFP INFPs are creative, artistic, idealistic, and spiritual. in my opinion this is accurate. i share my personality type with princes Diana, William Shakespeare, and Audrey Hepburn. i says i’m an

Discover your spiritual gifts: My gifts

When I took the test the two or three gifts that I identified as “that’s me” were; I have given money to those in need, On Friday nights I usually decide where we go and what we do, and I

Discover your spiritual gift

The Beatitudes- Delayna

I feel most comfortable with ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted. The one that feel is apart of me is ‘Blessed are the merciful, for they will receive mercy. I feel this way because I’m a

The Beatitudes

1. One of the beatitudes that I feel most comfortable with is ‘Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. The one beatitude that I feel like that is apart of me is ‘Blessed for the peacemakers,

Crystal Was Here Crystals role model is Justin Bieber, because he is a christian person and started a charity program. My role models include my family members my friends and some you-tubers. In my family my Dad is my role

scripture reading

Matthew 5:1-12 The Beatitudes When Jesus saw the crowds, he went up the mountain; and after he sat down, his disciples came to him. Then he began to speak, and taught them, saying: ‘Blessed are the poor in spirit, for

Crystal Was Here- January 13

In my life I am recovering from my tonsils and adenoids being removed. I am also in the playoffs of hockey season which is when it gets really busy. I am every excited for playoffs. I don’t have any conflicts

Discover your spiritual gifts

I like to take every opportunity i have to talk about Christ and I look up to God in a great way. I enjoy having company over at my house but I do need to improve helping others a lot.


Very few people knew what my whatsit was. It looked similar to this, except mine was metal: My whatsit is a decorating ceiling ring (Probably not the official name) used to hang fabric from the hoop to other parts of

Ignored Advice Chosen: After Act 2 Writing Assignments

If I had followed the advice that I’d been given were would i been now and if I’d listened to whats been given to me?. Like in the future if I didn’t listen to a fiend that told me that

After Act V: Critical Response

Strengths: Weaknesses:    


My Whatsit was a piece of an exploding creeper toy, the torso piece to be specific. It’s a small little action figure-like toy, around 5 inches in height, with three pieces of the toy that connect together. On the top

Whats it?-Chicken Glasses

I brought my whats-it on tuesday jan 10th. What i brought were red-lensed chicken glasses. Chicken glasses were pinned into chickens top beak, in order to obscure their ability to see fellow chickens bleeding. If birds see an injured flock

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

When I completed the survey I scored an 83. With some of them I answered with Thats Me! Rarely I answered with Definitely Not Me! And most of them I answered with That’s Probably Me. Some of the ones I

Who am I? Interests Survey

When capturing someone’s interests it needs to be something that appeals to them or would like to know or do. Capturing my interests like trying to learn something I want to know. I want to have some type of fun

Who Am I? Learning Styles Survey

when I did the myBlueprint: Who Am I? Learning Styles Survey. I learned that I am 34%Kinesthetic and 33%Visual and 33%Auditory. I think that I’m all of them because I am in close rainge. I like to learn all of these aways.

Crystal Was Here Jan.13

On Saturday my brother Michael called us and told us that he would be announcing and commenting (like broadcasting) on a few basketball and volleyball games. It was very exciting to hear that from him because he wants to talk

Crystal Was Here

In my life right now, I have a lot of things going on because this time of year I have hockey and school. This is probably the busiest time of year for my family.  In school I usually don’t have

Crystal was here January 13

Happening in Your life?                                                                        

Who Am I? Interests Survey

When capturing someone’s interests it needs to be something that appeals to them or would like to know or do. Capturing my interests like trying to learn something I want to know. I want to have some type of fun

Crystal was Here Decemeber 16

Crystal visited our classroom on the 16 of December where she started off the topic with Justin Bieber. She continued to say Justin is a great role model, why? Despite his bad decisions Bieber still finds ways to donate money

Who Am I? Learning Styles Survey

I’m 43% visual, 33% auditory, 24% kinesthetic.  Being visual mean that I learn by looking and seeing.  The study tips that my Blueprint gave me were: Underline or highlight notes Use graphic organizers try to create a mental image in

Who Am I? Personality Survey

INFP is what I am. In other words it means I am the healer. I am, according the the site, creative, artistic, idealistic and spiritual. We believe that everyone is unique and individual. INFPs strongly value their privacy and can

The True Test of Character

What does it mean to behave as if no one is watching? To behave as if no one is watching means to behave like you would as if someone is always watching you and to behave normal and how you

Crystal was here December, 9 2016

on December 9, 2016 Crystal talked about awareness, and how we can be more aware about people,places,things and surroundings and how we can be more mindful and attentive. Crystal showed us videos that showed people doing different actions like dancing,sports

learning styles

I took the test and I am 37% a Kinesthetic Learner 31% Visual and 32% Auditory. I am mainly Kinesthetic and learn by touching and doing I learn with hands on experiences. sometime I do not remember what I read. I will remember

Crystal Was Here- December 9

Crystal was Here- I wasn’t here when Crystal was.  I was told that they watched videos of attention.  In the one, they were told to watch to see how many times the white team passed the ball.  During the video,

Spiritual Gifts

I have taken all 4 of my group members surveys.  I barely chose any “definitely not me” phrases for this survey.  I chose most of them as “this is probably me” because most of the times I believe God will

Discover your spiritual gift

“Discover Your Spiritual Gifts” I have taken all 4 of  my group members surveys. I choose multiple “this is me”.  I choose “that is me” for things like I don’t care if I’m seen with people who aren’t popular. I

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

People can feel comfortable at my house, they don’t have to worry about problems and can have fun; I have confidence that God will help me through the good and bad times, which means whether I am in a fight

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

Slide your answers to the top. For About two thing I put that’s me. The ones I out 3 for were things that involved friends and giving. I gave money to homeless/poor and I like to invite friends to my house. Daygan

My Learning Styles (Report Of The Survey)

  My learning style is very even between the 3 ways but I am more of a kinesthetic learner than anything else and that I learn by touching and doing. It’s also likely that I need to be active, take

True Test of Character: Keep Awake!

1. What does it mean to behave as if “no one is watching? ”                                                    

Discover Our Spiritual Gifts


Communication Skills.

When I took the communication skills survey I scored a 74. I think I have a clear understanding of listening to people when they are communicating. But I still think I need to work better at listening to really understand

Crystal was here December 2nd

One time that I felt proud of myself was when i got 100 percent on a big science and i was the only one in the class who got that good. One thing I do very well is math it

Crystal Was Here December 2nd

One time I landed a trick on my scooter that I had failed many times I felt proud of myself I am pretty good at cs go (a video game) but I still need to improve. “You’re good at breathing”

Crystal was here on December 9

When she was here, watch three videos. The first two videos were about how people were throwing balls around and there was something going throw them but, people were not paying attention to them because their where more attention to

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