Month: March 2017

Emotional landscapes

Taking the school bus for the first time Getting on the massive yellow transport Lonely, scared, shy Curious eyes inspecting me. With a welcoming smile The bus driver says, “Please take a seat.” Scanning for an open bench Yes! Rapidly

Emotional Landscape

Ponies munching on grass Ash burning by the fire at dawn Tree transport to little willows Grass snakes slither in the jungle A bush with thorns and roses Get your passport, set out and leave the airport   Walk on

I didn’t go on the ski trip poem’s

Poem #1 The war was raging with fire Which killed thousands of soldiers The sound of men crying out pain and exhaustion filled the air Drowning out all the screams were almost impossible Like a bad dream you could not

Five Easy Pieces

Her hands as soft as a kitten Fur running through her fingers Her hand again strokes the kitten from head to tail The kitten begins to purr Her eyes were fireflies, but with an evil look They shine bright like

The Forgotten Place (Emotional Landscape)

The rugged highway turns unusually quiet Grass swinging as the air vibrated The sound of the river flowing from the distance Tress fall soundlessly on the side of the mountain Not any other person around Just my friend and me

Five easy pieces

  Her hands were stained with my blood She dropped the knife Watching me fall to the cement Her hands went over her eyes She couldn’t bare the sight   Fiddling with her hair as she cried Smearing the blood

I didn’t go on the ski trip poems Megan Krys

Pain is difficult Pain is the loss of love or loss of communication Pain hurts everyone in one way or another It controls us and compels you It lets us know how we express ourselves How we show our emotions

He is Here for Us (The Terminal – Found Poem)

I’m about to tell you something, But it’s almost suppertime. Would you like to get eat to bite? You’ll get really fat with all the food I’m going to give you. There’s a man walking around the terminal in a

Ten Minute Spill

As I hear a whirring noise from the distance, I hear my mothers voice, As I eat the pancake and strawberry she made, As I lick the syrup off my plate, My mother will do everything for me, She would

Emotional Landscapes

Driving in my brother’s truck Going to my Aunt Sarah’s farm. Deers in the pasture staring at me. Will they bound in front of Ty’s truck? Look at the big buck grazing on the grass! Birds flying in the sky.

Ten-Minute Spill Poem #1

Standing on the cliff My mother looks up at me And says in a low voice “Doing good is better than saying good” Hearing this is like a scare A sharp needle to my soul For I know I always

First Line Auction

I woke up in the middle of the night Terrified of what would happen next When just then I heard a knock at my door Searching, I saw A dark figure The long, loud cry out for help Coming from

First Line Auction

The minutes tick by, not many left A decision that I must make now A decision that determines me It’s now or never   Do I go left or right? This way or that? I cannot decide, it’s too hard

Translation: Idea to Image Poem

People crying of pain and yelling of rage was just another part of the daily routine Men who were once free are now prisoners of the war Heartache from a brother’s loss was now just a part of the past

An emotional Landscape (Lvov) Megan Krys

  Dew gleams on the road ahead It vanishes as I continue my journey I didn’t want to leave this as a memory The intense ripple of happiness   I grow mindless as I continue this path My joy hovers

First line Auction

Poem#1 Love is desired by all but only acquired by some. Not all have the capability to let others into their hearts. Their hearts are weak and fragile, protected by brick walls. They are afraid to let the bricks fall

Light and Dark

A grocery bag floating in the wind, In the darkness and light, Not knowing which sides to land, The fear of being unsure which sides you belong, The fear of you being in the same side, The fear you have

Ten Minute Spill#2

Only through the ice snow that blew on my face Did I know that I was still alive My body numb, and my face was red   I heard from others that it was not easy trying to go northern

Unacceptable – The Terminal Found Poem

  What is the purpose of your visit? Take me to Ramada Inn, Lexington Don’t worry, this is just a standard procedure You are at this time simply…unacceptable Where do I buy the Nike shoes? You are not to leave

Idea to image poerty

Snuggling with my teddy bear Being with friends and family Knife can kill someone Makeup makes me feel pretty   It was a mistake! Blood bleeding out of me Heaven when you die Hungry for a snack   Ash Wednesday

First Line Auction Megan Krys

The fire burns bright over a wooden log Unclear what is going to happen next It’s life was well lived, still had life ahead of it Still strong with ideas of what life is like   Unseen, out of nowhere

Ten Minute spill #2

Plentiful are called to serve God, Yet like the plastic of earth, disregarded, As fast as they come they are forced to leave, They’re put aside and forgotten about. Few are chosen for the position with the upper power, Those

One Day

I am drowning beneath a sheet of ice that holds me, I am cold and numb, I am just another experiment, I thought to myself as I am crying in my bed at night, My family in heaven, are angels,

Ten Minute Spill Megan Krys

A penny saved is a penny earned   Every time you find a penny, pick it up Put it in your pocket for luck Those pennies are gone now Made from metal not from plastic   There was plenty of

Ten Minute Spill #1

The voices were like needles poking at me It constantly reminded me of the pain It kept on coming waves, after waves   I started to vision it whirring around my body Laying on my back, I saw the sky

The Fire Set Ablaze

The fire burns as it passes gracefully through the meadow of white daisies, The ashes blow away through the wind, People dying, starving, blood dripping from bodies, Enemies fighting for their countries, Love your enemy the same as how you like

First Line Auction

The silent, but cold, refreshing breeze Blowing through the flowers Making them sway back and forth It send shivers down your spine   This wind, calming, soothing Flowing through my hair Like water seeping through rocks Into the ocean  

Five Easy Pieces

His strong yet gentle hands warm the people he cares for They provide comfort as I cry in my room Letting me know everything’s going to be alright   They wrap around me, not letting me go Holding me tight


Different colored lockers in the wall Posters on the wall Dirty garbage can and a bottle recycle beside the wall Classroom doors close and open like an act of a magic.   Red and black chairs to hang out on

Ode to a School

Lights on the roof Trophies in the hallway Canada flag hanging in a classroom Kids doing homework in the hallway Red fire extinguisher locked behind a door, Like money in bank.   Blue binder on the floor Red, black and

Translation: Idea to Image

Red faced, clenched fist full of anger Like an overflowing garbage can that never gets replaced Self implanted, imprisoned, dark and underground   The never ending mental and physical tears Shed from the mighty, scared yet loved The gift of

First Line Auction

I once had an existential crisis The confidence of believing I had a purpose here in earth flew away from me Like the butterfly does from the cocoon Not knowing who I was or where I belonged was a constant

An emotional landscape

Everyday when I walked my dog his name was Oreo, a white dog with black splotches eyes darkened with kindness Everyday I walked to the same place Over the barbed wire across the miniature forest of old trees and onto

Five Easy Pieces Megan Krys

Tanned from the sun, a dark red color Black paint covered nails These hands were bigger than mine With more dirt on them as well   Scooping sand into a bucket Patting it down, making it solid Then gently rubbing

The Terminal poem

Through the window up ahead,  Sunlight glistening on the water’s edge. Stands proudly behind,framed perfectly. Her incandescent grandeur set against an Immaculate azure sky. His smile soon fades as he inches closer For there’s no water, no gigantic monument, No

Translation: Idea to Image Poem

Conflict Cold winter darkness Scatters over and creates hate I feel my body aching As I reach for the light through the crack The fight is useless The cycle of eternity is without empathy Soon it will all be forgotten

Found Poem

He smile and walk inside Viktor walk over, sit down, fashion his coat into a pillow again to take some rest Viktor walks up to the window, holding his badly cracked neck. Viktor standing in a long line waiting. He

What Happens When One Rushes (Ten Minute Spill)

Rushing will only lead to disaster, and I know this for a fact. At first woken up by the voice of my mother Screaming at me to get up. I fell out of my bed with shock. The sound of

Love – First Line Auction Poem

  On a field filled with wheat Two people walk together A boy and a girl strolling carefree And the birds singing their song They walk hand in hand Until the girl runs far ahead The boy chases after her

The Decision – Ten Minute Spill Poem

A cliff far below the clouds Not knowing what lies at the bottom Will you risk it all or risk nothing Will you jump or not jump You’ve heard that great riches are at the bottom Maybe jagged rocks leading

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