Month: April 2017

An Emotional Landscape

A place where I am happy So perfect like a dream Not a fantasy But a reality   To get ready Pack all day Is very frustrating Like trying to drill a stripped screw   Going will not only be

Five Easy Peices

His hands were working hands Cuts and bruises They were not aesthetically pleasing But pleasing to touch   The hands were large They short stubby fingernails Long fingers Like ET   His hands were working Working on a broke down

An Emotional Landscape (Lvov)

A place where i am happy So perfect like a dream Not a fantasy But a reality   To get ready Pack all day Is very frustrating Like trying to drill a stripped screw   Going will not only be

Translations: Idea To Image

Good is in all of us, Whether that is shown or not, Like jesus who did nothing but good, Compassion and generosity make up good,   Good is being strong and showing love, Like Jesus who loves each and everyone

Random ideas for a short story

fate vs free choice a secret reason a quiet sacrifice betrayal of an old relative flirting with a stranger flirting with an old friend predator vs prey a symbolic object jealousy second language words or phrases specialty jargon animal captivity

making good decisions-what would you change

a decision in the past i have made was if i should do a bean poem for L.A. so i snapped my friends boz,jennine, and kamryn for their opinion they said YES that i should do a bean poem so

Making good decisions

when i make a decision i will usually ask my friends or my mom. Making a good decision requires thought, you need to think before you make a decision or ask a friend or family member if its a difficult

Hungry For Change

I learned that in order to accept yourself you have to love yourself first. Also i learned where food comes from  and what you should put in your body. When i watched the documentary i found out that it’s better

An Emotional Landscape (Lvov) : Journey undone

Clear water Pure as a new born’s heart Bright light blue With a touch of a white snowflakes Purity that symbolizes The peace and calm pond That shows the emotion Of a bright and smart person To clearly see the

Translations: Idea to Image : Battle Outbreak

One. Two. Three. Suffering is near four. Five. six. making people grew more anxious Swords and guns can be seen at the floor Knights that battled had lost their life for more Blood scattered, and the area was full of

Five Easy Pieces

The hands, long fingers, cold and Kneading through the dough Making cookies, Chocolate chip cookies in fact As I looked deep into the blue eyes Of my grandmother, They reminded me of the tropical Ocean in Fiji. ¨The deep blue

An Emotional Landscape (Lvov) – Poem

My Encompassed Playground   If not in a dream, at dawn With the dew still fresh on the grass And on the swings being swung slightly by the wind And drips of water falling down the yellow slide   Closely

Ten Minute Spill

  “A penny saved is a penny earned” Original “A penny earned is a penny saved” Changed Mother and I were glancing at the beautiful view on the top of a cliff, Higher than the clouds no one could see

An Emotional Landscape

A woman walks silently on the empty streets of downtown Her feet move endlessly to the front of a shabby house An emotion of sadness quickly flashed through her eyes As fast as it had appeared, it quickly disappeared A

I Din’t Go on the Ski Tip poem

The peace that come from people People walking in the church giving peace God forgive us for what we have done The best revenge is to forgive Time ran out And so as my patience Like a short fuse on

First Line Auction

First Line Auction “The cry of pain from the powerful, the unheard” My dad taking me on an evening stroll through the park, Enjoying how lovely the night was and how thankful we were, Not only for the lovely night

An Emotional Landscape

To leave without a trace At noon you vanish somewhere Streams mumble Near the poplar and ash trees Where snails converse about eternity Lvov overflowed each ocean, No one could comprehend Lvov, Frozen for Synthia. At night the church’s silence

US strikes on Syria: Donald Trump’s missile attack ‘kills four children’ as Russia condemns ‘aggression’

US missile strikes on a Syrian air base have reportedly killed nine civilians – including four children – as Donald Trump launched the first direct American attack on Bashar Assad’s regime. Britain has described the overnight assault as an “appropriate response”

Five Easy Pieces

His hand is rough like a stone No having difficulty on anything With a strong bone his hand Won’t be able to snap easily With a wrinkle hand and jacket Twitched his arm, slowly Shoving his t-shirt up to show


White and black, checked squares hard to see as the same Just like humanity differ from one another Separated by their own ways uniqueness and hobbies Humanity judging each other from their different means Society isn’t always kind to us

First Line Auction – Poem

Incorporeal World A moment comes in war when the last line must be crossed That line separates what you hold dear from what total war demands If he couldn’t cross that line, the battle was over, and he was lost

Five Easy Pieces

Numbered  tattoo His grabbing his other arm The water reflecting like a mirror Why do you have the numbered tattoo? My name is Leon Greenman, an Auschwitz survivor-98288.

Hungry for a Change :(

That you can develop cancer from eating ti much food. Most people suffer from obesity. Coffee is bad. I learned that maybe I should stop drinking so much coffee but I probably won’t. And no nothing surprised me.

Ten Minutes Spill

  Cliff went to the doctor to get needles With his mother. He screams. His voice is loud. They went to the store and buy some strawberry ice cream. Cliff opened the ice cream and licked it. Eating his strawberry

Five Easy pieces

  Number on his hand, wrinkly Crossed arms The castle stands strong, like me. What are those tattoos for?   I was captured by the Nazi.  

An Emotional Landscape (Lvov) Poem

A journey to a unknown place by many, Is quite a short one, But the journey is quite a trek, It could take a long time. A place that is friendly, A place that is warm, Humbling, relaxing A place

An Emotional Landscape

Loading the car Families say goodbye to people we love Looking at cars passing on the highway Stop at the church to pray Arrive at the airport Many different people With brown and white skin People with happiness and love

Translation: Ideas to Image Poem

Experiences can bring out the evil side of you, Darkness, mischievousness, loneliness. Others can bring out the gratitude in you, Thankfulness, happiness, loveliness. But there is one thing that can cure your evilness, That is forgiveness. Forgiveness is a beautiful


  Alone in a forest, Dark and nobody in sight, I cried, The clouds turned black, And it started raining, Tears running down my face, Hoping to see someone, I closed my eyes, The rain shuts down, I opened my

I Didn’t Go On The Skip Trip

Angel of light ascend higher Plane of existence Watch us over and guide us Many times Tell us things will get better Love us endlessly Forgive us for what we have done Whether it be for wickedness, or Compassion. Letting

Ten Minute Spill

We learn little from victory, Much from defeat We like to win, But hate to lose.

“I Didn’t Go On the Ski Trip” poem

The world was falling apart Terrifying natural disasters The world that once laid untouched was destroyed beneath The thought of others lying dead killed Horrific sight of guns and sound of dead bodies dropping on the ground Tears of families

The Pain Inside (“I didn’t go to the ski trip”)

Pain is a sign of great weakness hiding inside me Timorous to show to the world building up hastily Each day I wake up enduring the pain Afraid to fight back not wanting to lose Living my whole life with

10 minute spill – poem

The Cascade of Quiescent   Sitting on the edge of a cliff High above the city I can almost touch a cloud. My mother picking berries from a bush   As I look down, at the oh so far away

An Emotional Landscape

As we drive through the country roads We notice all the fields and beauty All the bees and flowers Every beautiful thing that had been created The barbed wire was the only thing keeping the animals in All the beautiful

Translation: Idea to Image – Poem

It’s almost dawn You can feel it coming The world holds it’s breath because there’s really no guarantee that the sun will rise That there was a yesterday doesn’t mean there will be a tomorrow   We stared into the

Found Poem

The Statue of Liberty Seen through a window up ahead Sunlight glistening beautifully off the Hudson Stands proudly, framed perfectly Her incandescent grandeur set against an immaculate azure sky   The bemused Guard shakes Viktors hand, glancing at his colleague

Found Poem 1

Do you understand English What is the purpose of your visit Where do I buy the Nike shoes People don’t read the signs Would you like to eat to bite There cheap and long and usually about men killing each

Found Poem #1

Thank you for having me Please step back into line sir Welcome to the United States. Business or pleasure Pleasure Would you step this way Which way Just follow us Please sit down I am on vacation What do you

Five Easy Pieces

She has very soft hands. She loves cooking, cutting carrots and stirring mac and cheese on the oven. The grease on her hands is from cooking. There is dirt under her nails from washing the potatoes. Life is always a

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