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Stop Counting Crayons

1. Explain “Share vs Compare.” Sharing is have a portion of something divided with another or others, and Comparing is estimate, measure, or note the similarity or dissimilarity between two things or people.   2. Explain why AP coloring in Grade 2

“Places of Peace” Project

For my third project for my CTS Web 10 course, I decided to do the “Places of Peace” project My “peaceful places” is as follows: Couch I picked a couch because its where I feel the most comfortable and the

Colour changer (The farm)

  Picture colour changer project. Step one is to get just one picture of nature and to drag it on the screen when you email it to yourself. Step 2 is to open the image with adobe photoshop. Step 3

Vintage Filter

For this assignment i had to change a bad photo into a vintage photo. The assignment is called bad photo + vintage filter +helvetica. The link for my assignment is Step 1: I chose a picture from Pexels. Step 2: I

Quote Project

Step 1: First I went on pexels and got a photo that I liked for the background photo for my quote. Step 2: I went on google and looked up a quote and picked one I felt was inspiring and


Stop Counting Crayons

Sharing Vs comparing means you respect others and are happy for them instead of being jealous because they have something that you don’t have. When you compare yourself to others it makes you feel terrible about yourself and also makes

Stop counting crayons!

Share VS Compare Sharing is where you are trying to be happy for the person with better clothes, or a better car. You want to be the person with the most expensive house, and the best crayons. Comparing is where

Simple Ways to Share

Occupation maches

The three occupation matches I got were trappers and hunters, oral surgeon, and a police detective. Trapping and hunting was at the top with a 88% match. It matches all the interests knowledge and motivation. For trapping, Trappers trap designated

Simple ways to share

Simple Ways to Share

Simple ways to share

Simple Ways To Share

simple ways to share

Simple ways to share your happy life.

Stop Counting crayons

1 sharing is giving something that you have and giving a little to someone(s). Whereas comparing is or noting the similarity between two or more objects. 2 It’s because ap is an exam and the kids just go ham on

Kari Was Here 2


Kari was Here 2

Connect With Eachother

Stop Counting Crayons

1. Explain “Share vs Compare.” Instead of comparing objects and trying to be better than someone by comparing yourself to see where you stand, share. Sharing restricts jealousy and you do this by being happy for someone for whatever they

Hello Kitty Kitty

My inspiration Hello Kitty Kitty I’m using adobe cs4 as the editing software, and in this project I tried to play with the opacity I took some of the pictures I used from google. To get the same results, just

Unexpected Image

For this assignment I had to find an object that I could zoom into and take a picture of it so that someone would not know or not expect it to be what it really is. This assignment was called:

Vintage Photo

The assignment I chose to do for my CTS 10 visual assignment is Pick a bad photo, apply a vintage effect and write something in Helvetica.  I chose this assignment because it has a chance to change a bad photo

Photoshop- Rainbow Showcase

My inspiration for making this image is HERE. The tree picture is from HERE. The rainbow picture comes from HERE. The moon image comes from HERE. Then, the sun picture comes from right HERE. The assignment is taking a place

Forrest Gump

For my CTS 10 course, I had to make some visual assignments and the Forrest Gump project is one made. The purpose of this assignment was for me to be with our prime minister, Justin Trudeau! Step 1. I opened

Colour Changing

First I look for picture in my phone and I found this picture that I took 2 years ago. 2. Then I opened up Adobe Photoshop CS4.           3. I started editing the picture. 4. Then

Simple Ways To Share

Simple Ways to Share

Bucket List

  For my second assignment for CTS 10. I chose a bucket list.     Image 1: Learn to Surf because it would be a good thing to know how to do if I ever went on trips. Image 2:

Stop Counting Crayons

1. Explain “Share vs Compare.” Instead of comparing what you have and what they have, share instead of comparing what you have and they don’t or the other way around. An example of sharing is crayons. When your in grade

Simple Ways to Share

Simple ways to share

Free Photos, Vectors, Fonts

Stop Counting Crayons

Explain share VS compare Share VS compare means to share with people who have more than you than to compare what you have. Explain why AP coloring in grade 2 is absurd it’s absurd that kids that age start to

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simple ways to share visual

Simple ways to Share (Visual Response)

Changing colour

1. I took this picture outside of my house  2.I open adobe Photoshop CS4 in the computer and then I open my photo in that editor. 3. I click the selecting square and I select the whole picture 4. In

Simple Ways To Share

Simple ways to Share

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